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i_need_a_lift OP t1_j6kf0zr wrote

Thanks for all the suggestions! Waze was the easiest, and I just got back from checking with it and it reads about 4mph high at speeds from 40mph to 70mph.

I confirmed the tires are the OE size so I'm not sure what's going on, but I think I'll be fine just compensating for it in my head.


rabbiferret t1_j6kh1xp wrote

so, it looks like you found the quick and dirty solution, but I wanted to let you know that some auto shops offer speedometer calibration for $75-100. They set your car up on a set of rollers (a dynamometer) and can verify the actual vs. speedometer readout and adjust accordingly.

This helped me in my earlier life with speeding tickets (and it was cheaper back then) but it will undoubtedly help you now if you need a calibration.


getfast37 t1_j6ki4ex wrote

Yep! Southern Electronics off Midlo Tnpk near Ch'field Town Center has been the go-to for this in the greater RVA area for decades. But iirc for that price they're just telling you how far off your speedo is, not necessarily fixing anything...


i_need_a_lift OP t1_j6lbklv wrote

Oh cool, thanks, if I do end up deciding to get it fixed, that's a great lead on the place to have it done. Never heard of them before now.


m0arpepper t1_j6ki9mb wrote

Is it a German car? BMW speedometers read higher than you’re going. Stupid thing is, there’s a hidden setting that shows the actual speed.