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bigdawgwhatup t1_j5vm1dv wrote

Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. There’s skydiving out of West Point.


manic-pixie-attorney t1_j5w3n0s wrote

The season pass to Kings Dominion is a great deal. If you go a lot, the food and drink passes are totally worth it.


GandhiOwnsYou t1_j5wi5fg wrote

The season pass and food plan is definitely a killer deal if you like coasters or plan to attend holiday events. It ends up being a couple hundred bucks per individual, but when you factor in you literally have zero expenses aside from gas for the rest of the year it can quickly become super cheap entertainment overall.


againer t1_j5wpufj wrote

You're better off going to Orange to Skydive.


Ditovontease t1_j5yeip8 wrote

my SIL talked me into going on the Delirium at KD (I'm a huge coward when it comes to rides, like the scooby doo was too much for me as a kid) and yeah that'll get your juices flowing