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McFlare92 t1_j49e6z2 wrote

Man..... Fucking scumbag is worse than we thought. And we thought he was pretty bad


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j49o9hd wrote

>Fucking scumbag is worse than we thought.

This is exactly as bad as I've known him to be for years.

Joe Morrissey is the only Democrat the fired MAGA strip club manager Mike Dickinson likes (after he fell out with Kim Gray). If you wanna know who the real groomers are, look for the people whining loudly about imaginary "groomers," then look at those people's idols.

He was literally elected FROM JAIL in the special election for his own seat, which he had to vacate after his conviction for sex crimes against the 17-year-old girl who later became the very ex-wife who just wrote the post in the OP.

One of the very last things Gov. Ralph "I Don't Remember if I Wore Black Face or a Klan Hood in My Yearbook Photo" Northam did in office—one year ago, tomorrow—was to pardon Joe Morrissey from that conviction.

Joe Morrissey was always a fucking scumbag, and somehow he keeps getting elected.


GrayRVA t1_j49vaci wrote

I think 75% of the people who stood in line in December to vote in the primary were there to vote against Joe.


McFlare92 t1_j4bgp4a wrote

That was a big part of my motivation to vote that day. Luckily we had someone amazing to vote FOR in Jennifer McClellan


GrayRVA t1_j4bv16o wrote

Ditto! It was a perfect 2 for 1.


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j49xn7g wrote

He lost that one, but he's still a State Senator for two more years. Motherfucker Daughterfucker(?) just keeps running for office from office.


pchnboo t1_j4c1dfk wrote

He has been redistricted out of his district (not that he cares) and there will be an election this year. The primary is the most important - Vote for Lashcrese Aird!


augie_wartooth t1_j4bg0by wrote

The whole GA is up for election this year. His days may be numbered.


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j4bvhqb wrote

He will keep running, and idiots who never look at the local news and vote only on name recognition will keep voting for him. We thought his days were numbered when he was just a convicted pedophile, but he not only took back his Delegate seat, he later became a State Senator. I don't think "divorced convicted pedophile" makes that much of a difference.


BicyclingBrightsWay t1_j4b70or wrote

HOLY SHIT. This was that young girl? I had no idea they even divorced. I thought he was married before her and this was a different ex. Oh my God


[deleted] t1_j4becqk wrote



ZalmoxisChrist t1_j4bwyug wrote

I seem to remember Joe having a previous ex-wife, but she seems to be scrubbed from the Internet. This could be a Mandela effect thing, but I remember it too.


[deleted] t1_j4byriy wrote



BicyclingBrightsWay t1_j4bzw62 wrote

Ohhhh, ok. I was wondering why we never heard anything about the woman's side of things when he started with the assistant (woman as in wife, not the girl that was the assistant). I guess not having a SO and having older kids made people accept it more readily? I'm not sure.


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j4c155d wrote

Why would having children who are older than your wife make anybody more accepting of his Jerry Springer lifestyle?

The only way I can personally comprehend and justify Joe's continued relevance is that Virginia voters are mostly uninformed morons.


BicyclingBrightsWay t1_j4dnh3c wrote

Hey, fuck if I know. When I asked before people said he's still around because he knocks on doors and has helped people out. I'd never be able to justify it


WPMO t1_j5jge5s wrote

Oh yeah he had a wife about his own age before, and kids. He cheated on them with Myrna, and now we see how that's gone.


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j5k8b4f wrote

I can't find any reference to a first wife online, though, and a few sources called Myrna his first wife. I think he used his influence to bury those references.


batkave t1_j4b9gqt wrote

Yeah, because it came out he cheated on her with another young woman.


oddistrange t1_j4j1sug wrote

He also gave her an STD and tested positive for one 2 days after the birth of one of the last 2 kids they had.


sleevieb t1_j49oo6j wrote

I still want that moonwalk


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j49qd9g wrote

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what moonwalk?


got_that_itis t1_j49slnb wrote

During a press conference, Northam mentioned he may have worn black face while doing a tribute to Michael Jackson. He was asked if he could moonwalk, he thought about it until Pam Northam shut it down.


ZalmoxisChrist t1_j49wmy3 wrote

Sweet Jesus. This is why I thank our stars for my wife, who knows I should never be seen dancing in front of cameras.


Weezerbunny t1_j4fhlbo wrote

I will never forget the look on her face during that whole mess.


got_that_itis t1_j4fm8l3 wrote

I don't think I've ever seen Northam have a more sincere look of pure joy and pride than when he was asked about his ability to moonwalk.


derndy t1_j49hsim wrote

Knowing him casually... I fully expected this and was looking for the name of someone I know in that post. Poor woman had definitely been through it with his grooming and manipulation.


augie_wartooth t1_j4bfjer wrote

I knew he was this bad. I’m honestly surprised it isn’t worse, but then again, we didn’t even get to 2018.


FiveTicketRide t1_j4bl1te wrote

That was my takeaway too — we’ve got five more seasons to look forward to reading


slazengerx t1_j4cbrbq wrote

The man is a Commonwealth treasure! The guffaws he's brought to the great State are immeasurable. I understand he's working on a biography: To All the Barely-Legal Ladies I've Loved. Should be a real boddice-ripper.


Impossible_Bill_2834 t1_j49n4va wrote

Gave his pregnant wife an STD and waited to tell her two days before delivery....yeesh


Minakovablue t1_j4bxypb wrote

Out of all the awful things listed, this is so horrible. Truly despicable. I feel so bad for this woman. I can’t imagine her mental state during this. Essentially he married his underage victim and continued to abuse her. WTF


sleevieb t1_j49gdpg wrote

Hopefully this is the end of the wild ass saga of fighting Joe.

I doubt it tho


ttd_76 t1_j49izdb wrote

Yeah, nothing will happen to him.

Like she says herself, she lied to everyone to protect Joe, and I believe her mother and grandmother did as well. They didn't just defend him, they accused prosecuters of politically persecuting them and wrote in support of his pardon.

I am not blaming the victim. But the reality is, the reason he didn't end up in prison or out of office is because of her. There's a reason Morrissey makes sure to send out all those happy family cards and photos and making sure they were in the papers. For the last 10 years she has been presented as a perfectly happy wife and mother wants everyone to butt out of her affairs. If she changes her story now, they will tear her apart in court. She may have some potential perjury charges even. Not to mention fairly grim job prospects and likely very little income to support her large family. She's pretty much screwed. Morrissey knows exactly what he's doing.


Grizlatron t1_j4b33fi wrote

No one who looked at her face during Media events would have believed that she was a perfectly happy wife and mother. He knocked up a teenager and then ruined her life by marrying her - that has always been the story.


NuttingOnNutzy t1_j4btd89 wrote

He is why he didn’t end up in prison or out of office. The reality is he didn’t end up in prison because he groomed an impressionable child so he could have a partner who was easy to control, whose own family would be complicit in it. He didn’t end up in prison because he’s a literal psychopath who psychologically manipulated a vulnerable person. She was a teenager in a relationship with a man forty years older. None of this is her fault, she is not the reason he has never been held accountable for his atrocious behavior, much of it occurring in extremely public ways prior to ever meeting her


GrayRVA t1_j4cqcxu wrote

>There’s a reason Morrissey makes sure to send out all those happy family cards and photos

One of my friends got 2 calendars on his front porch during the recent primary. It worked on a bunch of people, not to make them vote for him, but to disbelieve the rumors about his marriage being on the rocks. Because who would have the audacity to promote a family man image with this shit going on?


WPMO t1_j5jgmer wrote

Oh yeah, and look at all of the people who wanted to excuse Joe saying stuff like "well they got married! Love works in mysterious ways!".


PyreDruid t1_j4a0sox wrote

Nah, him being a total piece of shit is priced in at this point.

Doubt anything changes his supporters minds.


DJKittyDC t1_j49jo2v wrote

Friendly reminder that he has a primary opponent:


salawm t1_j49lqbq wrote



DJKittyDC t1_j49mjy3 wrote

We never have to hear about Joe Morrissey again AND the district gets fantastic hard working representation. A true win win situation.


rologies t1_j4bbu33 wrote

When is his next election again? Struggling to find it.


DJKittyDC t1_j4bchi9 wrote

The whole senate is up for re-election in November, the primary for the democratic nomination will be June.


jodyhighrola t1_j4b4lt2 wrote

I'm going to need a pronunciation tip for that first name wowza


augie_wartooth t1_j4bfr3a wrote

Google it, my man.


jodyhighrola t1_j4bg81p wrote

I did, and fuck me for an off the cuff reaction to a name I couldn't pronounce after waking up.


augie_wartooth t1_j4bhcbj wrote

There’s a long history of people making fun of Black people’s names for being unpronounceable as a racist dogwhistle. I am not saying in any way that you did this, but if you care about that kind of thing, reconsider posting things like your original comment.


reebokhightops t1_j4buzp3 wrote

This is certainly true, but her name is clearly unusual—especially in its spelling. There is absolutely nothing inherently racist about someone asking how to pronounce it, and it’s kind of silly to even bring that up in this particular example.

This is like someone spelling their name Jocsh and pronouncing it “Josh”; nothing wrong with spelling it that way if you want to, and nothing wrong with someone clarifying how it’s pronounced because, again, it’s clearly atypical.


t00oldforthisshit t1_j4e95bv wrote

Good lord r/rva you're downvoting this informative and non-judgy comment? Get a grip and welcome to the century where we stop pretending shit like this isn't really happening.


mallydobb t1_j49n1a2 wrote

He’s a crook and a child molester and a disbarred lawyer. How does he keep getting re-elected?


Hiltson87 t1_j4auajo wrote

Not to nitpick, but he's a rapist who has been disbarred several times.


oldguy_on_the_wire t1_j49rge8 wrote

The same way Santos, Trump, and so many other politicians have: Tell people what they want to hear and accuse any detractors of trying to bring you down with lies.

Manipulators gonna manipulate.


wet_beefy_fartz t1_j4awgs7 wrote

Some of y’all need to stop voting for this guy.


cman486 t1_j4bldyl wrote

i wish i could upvote this more than once.


iinaytanii t1_j4d2lcq wrote

“Yeah but he knocked on my door. He ‘cares about the people’”


VCUBNFO t1_j4drrw8 wrote

I don't think the people who elect this guy are on reddit.


rickroll62 t1_j49sf9j wrote

I have a cousin that stabbed her boyfriend in "self defense " he represented her and got her off and then started fucking her. He is definitely a piece of shit


RulerOfTheRest t1_j49h400 wrote

I don't think anyone in this subreddit would be surprised at this, Joe isn't exactly the best at hiding his shenanigans...

...Heck, I have a friend who interned at the State capital several years back and she had to constantly ward off his sleazeball tactics and advances.

Edit: Surprised, not suppressed, all though Joe would probably like this to be suppressed...


OddWelcome2502 t1_j49mm1l wrote

I was an intern at the GA many years ago and had the terribly uncomfortable experience of riding an elevator with him and my intern friend (who was younger and prettier and just his type). This is where I truly learned what it meant to “undress someone with your eyes”. That’s exactly what he did to my friend and it was so awful. F this guy.


mo4994 t1_j4b4095 wrote

Yeah the girl he just had twins with lives in my apartment complex and you can see him walking around pushing them in a stroller. He also came when she was about to get evicted. He definitely isn’t hiding any of this.


fishonbikes t1_j4k2spw wrote

Did he just let her get evicted? Wasn’t she like his nanny?


mo4994 t1_j4nfqmd wrote

He prevented her from being evicted by threatening the apartment staff. This was a couple months ago so not sure if it’s still happened since then.


JustDyslexic t1_j49h9wv wrote

Anyone pitching this to Netflix? His life is just crazy


donkeylipswhenshaven t1_j4anvwa wrote

It’s basically Tommy Carcetti from the Wire, but dumber


Richmond_Mondo t1_j4ckvpi wrote

With a bit of Clay Davis “people’s champion” bullshit thrown in for good measure. Sheeeeeiiiiiiit


drkev10 t1_j4bqfgd wrote

At least he was screwing adults that weren't his clients.


okcknight t1_j49v2gp wrote

How does this guy even get laid?? He’s a well known scumbag and not even attractive


oedipus_wr3x t1_j4bk1c3 wrote

He also uses his law practice to pressure women into sleeping with him. Looking at this thread, there seems to be a lot of “he gets them off, then they get him off.”


Ditovontease t1_j4b6keo wrote

His marks are all teenagers or early 20s. Probably the first time an actual “man” paid attention to them.


suz_gee t1_j4blz4b wrote

I think that’s vastly understating what’s happening - he is specifically choosing young, vulnerable women and grooming them.

He is a predator.


Hiltson87 t1_j4chu71 wrote

That's what I've always wondered. He's not just unattractive either, he's got the pedo vibe and look from a million miles away. Always has even before we that was legally confirmed.


780034 t1_j4baf5z wrote

Morrissey has always been a piece of shit. The fact he was elected is an embarrassment to this city.


ttd_76 t1_j49ka6q wrote

Thankfully, Rouse won the Senate. The GOP is probably somewhat relived as well.

Morrissey is no longer a controlling vote which means neither side has to make a deal with him.

Also, probably puts a big dent in the Petersburg casino plans, though possibly it just passes the hot potato back to us.


FEdart t1_j4a4606 wrote

Morrissey has already responded with a counter-accusation of child abuse, because of course he did.

This is gonna be a total shitshow.


opienandm t1_j4banpm wrote

From the (written) statement released by Morrissey:

”Senator Morrissey intends to let the justice system run it’s coarse.”

Under normal circumstances, it’s probably difficult to find a writer/editor late on a Friday night, but I’m surprised with the GA in session that he wasn’t able to get competent eyes on this masterpiece.


BurkeyTurger t1_j4cn589 wrote

Both things could be true. She doesn't exactly have a great track record in her choice of men.

Edit: Anyone else just watch her get served with a protective order?


OddWelcome2502 t1_j49n0zr wrote

Wait is this the young lady that worked for him? The tweet said ex wife?


TheCheeseDevil t1_j49rrmc wrote

she hasnt been posting herself wearing a ring for a few years 👀


RVADoberman t1_j4ayq3j wrote

When a man marries his mistress he creates an immediate job vacancy.


mashedtomatoes77 t1_j49jvj8 wrote

I hope this is the start of a long healing journey for her. Joe Morrissey can lick my scabby asshole.


DessertStorm1 t1_j4abgkg wrote

Did you see Joe Morrissey's response? He says police have photographic evidence of her child having been beaten and the boy said her boyfriend beat him with a belt. She doesn't sound like she deserves much healing if she defends someone abusing her children.


CooterTStinkjaw t1_j4axlsz wrote

Joe, is that you?


DessertStorm1 t1_j4c5c3z wrote

Nope, I think Joe is a scumbag and I believe his ex wife's accusations. That doesn't automatically mean that authorities shouldn't investigate the treatment of her children by her boyfriend and take away her custody if appropriate (i am by no means qualified to answer that question, even if I did know all the facts.)


CooterTStinkjaw t1_j4cbi75 wrote

I agree with you there but to start, I’m not investing any trust into a statement made by a lying philanderer with a decades long reputation of being a lying philanderer.


Grizlatron t1_j4b3kia wrote

Why would you believe a word he says?


DessertStorm1 t1_j4c4gnf wrote

I don't have to believe what he says if the police corroborate it with photographic evidence and statements from the children. I agree he's earned no trust from anyone, but I am guessing that he wouldn't make the police involvement claims if they weren't true. And if police don't back up his claims, then no, I won't believe him.


Soloemilia t1_j4b2v64 wrote

I don’t know why you were getting downvoted for posting what actually happened. I don’t know if that actually happened I do know that is what Morrissey is reporting happened


DessertStorm1 t1_j4c5oup wrote

Seems like it should be easy enough for police to corroborate, though I don't know if there are privacy restrictions given the involvement of minors. And yes, if police contradict his claims, I would absolutely not believe him.


cantaloupe-490 t1_j4betev wrote

Y'know, I don't get the impression that she feels that Joe Morrissey "did right by" her, as so many of his supporters claim. I hope whatever hush money she gets ends up covering a really, really good therapist.


PuffyMcScrote t1_j4a4j62 wrote

"But he FIGHTS for his constituents!" Fucking piece of shit.


Cuda14 t1_j4bire7 wrote

> and Senator Morrissey intends to let the Justice System run its coarse.



No_Vegetable7280 t1_j49wuth wrote

He’s a fucking garbage person. We all should know this by now.


batkave t1_j4b7xgc wrote

Which ex wife? Didn't he leave the intern he married and got pregnant?


FiveTicketRide t1_j4c8dvb wrote

Catch up man he married her and had several kids with her and now they’re divorced


batkave t1_j4cbcuk wrote

I knew he married her but just wasn't sure if this was that woman or another one


Few-Investigator-581 t1_j4a7l3w wrote

If anyone thinks he actually cares about the people of Petersburg, they are looney toons. Just another person trying to take advantage of the people there. The burg can do better


Mr_Boneman t1_j49wvbp wrote

He’s Jim Jones with a law degree.


Brave_Albatross_8665 t1_j4bkdcy wrote

There are talks of starting a Go Fund me Page for her to help with lawyer fees!


oedipus_wr3x t1_j4cj0q6 wrote

I’ll contribute if it comes to that. It boggles my mind that she is so much younger than I am, yet has three children older than mine is and an ex who is way too old for me.


cenobyte40k t1_j4bhig9 wrote

Why can't people just post a screenshot. I don't want to deal with idiotic Twitter.


dontwontcarequeend65 t1_j4czflf wrote

He's s*** and I am utterly perplexed as to why she continued to have children with him.


Prestigious_Laugh300 t1_j4bzl4m wrote

Did Joe divorce the woman he impregnated/married and went to jail for?


thriftyshirt t1_j49tmve wrote

Fighting (the allegations!!!) Joe!


FattieBanton t1_j4fvyfb wrote

So I’m still somewhat new to the area and have only see some headlines about him. For some reason I expected his ex wife to look like a housewife straight out of wisteria lane, the felicity huffman type.

Also, this guy is whatever is worse than a piece of shit. I couldn’t even keep up with her expose after a while. I’ve always believed that “we get the leaders we deserve” and the fact that he has been in public office says more about his voters than it does about him.


jospence OP t1_j4fxen2 wrote

If you haven't read his controversy section on Wikipedia. It gives a rough idea of what he's done but realty doesn't even do him justice


FattieBanton t1_j4g308u wrote

That section is actually the little that I knew about him.


HatQuick1050 t1_j4okno6 wrote

I hope Myrna takes Joe to the cleaners in this divorce! He is one SICK sociopath who doesn't know how to love anyone, except himself.


Koko__Nut t1_j49vqn9 wrote

I have a friend that popped an off-duty cop with a beer bottle for attacking her fiancée. She was arrested for assault on a police officer. Joe got her off. This was in the 90s. 😬


GhostWriter52025 t1_j4cessc wrote

Oh, well then, I guess that makes the compliments serial sexual assaulting and abusing power perfectly fine then!

It's wild that you bring up an example of a cop abusing their power to protect Morrissey in his accusations of abusing his power


Koko__Nut t1_j4cpo32 wrote

Oh, I didn’t mean to protect Morrissey in any fashion. Not what I meant to imply. I just meant to add information that he’s been “fighting’” for so long. I remember the story of all of this from right after I got to VA in the late ‘90s. At that time, I just thought he was a good lawyer. The scandals upon scandals that have occurred since then have left me mortified.


Koko__Nut t1_j4djauh wrote

Also, I think he’s a child groomer and his relationship with his wife started when she was a child.


Objective-Ad-2351 t1_j4btddy wrote

He was recently at Pops Poker, gave a weak speech and chilled in the back with a lot of Jewish men as his 3 kids ran a amok. Literally throwing footballs, slapping people, climbing stuff. Nobody did anything. They need a couple butt whipping respectfully. And all the vibes were off, he seems like a shady guy but I said to myself, this is over my pay rate. It just showed me alot people would choose “power” over integrity.


HatefulDan t1_j4c27q2 wrote

Bit of a spoiler alert: Many ex partners feel this way about their ex partners.

That said, he does not have the most pristine character


The_GOATest1 t1_j4b33r0 wrote

I mean we should clearly send him to Gitmo but she’s missed him waving red flags like a Chinese communist parade for a while now.


m03svt t1_j4caydh wrote

He's a Democrat so more than likely absolutely nothing will happen.


Dramatic_Barracuda55 t1_j4a38mb wrote

The left love this man and keep voting for him


jospence OP t1_j4a3ndt wrote

Idk what left wing people you've met that like him