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BumbleBeeVomit t1_j6j65xk wrote

The two-year contract you agreed to, was a promo price fixed for the next two years. In the fine print they tell you the price after your contract expires.

There is no need to freak out once the contract ends and your price increases back to the "normal" price. Shop the available ISPs for your address and lock in a new contract for the best package and offer available to you.


BlueXTC OP t1_j6j9yxw wrote

The issue was the price changed without me knowing or signing a contract agreeing to the change prior to the end of the original contract. I will be shopping around between now and May.


Danger-Moose t1_j6jc0nm wrote

A lot of the time you can call and say you want the price back or threaten to quit and they will get it back down. This doesn't always work, but you can always bounce between Verizon and Comcast.