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BMEDoc t1_j6mrzyv wrote

There were a few startups that attempted such a thing, but insane insurance rates killed all of them that I'm aware of. To the best of my knowledge, nothing like that exists around here.

That said; do you really need the lift? I do 90%+ of the work on my cars, and a simple floor jack and 4 jack stand have never let me down. I even fully rebuilt the entire front suspension/drivetrain on my Silverado early in pandemic without a lift. What are you working on?


i_need_a_lift t1_j6ndnld wrote

Yeah, despite my username, it's pretty rare you need a lift, it's just more convenient to have one. But, if OP has no good place to work on his car or store a floor jack and jack stands, just paying to go use a lift might be the best solution. But unfortunately I don't know of any such place around here either.

I just ordered a Bendpak a few weeks ago, but it won't be here for another six weeks, otherwise I'd offer to let OP use mine :)


blubermcmuffin t1_j6muhk5 wrote

I went to one of those once upon a time that was in Reston. They said they had tools but they were all garbage and almost all of the sockets were missing so you essentially needed to bring all of your own tools which is a tall order for a big job. They closed down shortly after


Canard427 t1_j6mszhf wrote

I use a large jack and 4 stands. Total cost was about $250, and now I always have them.


Abracadabruther t1_j6naldn wrote

I've heard Fort Lee has an auto crafts shop that they rent out with four lifts. I've never used it, so I don't know what goes into renting it, so you should probably give them a call. The website is here.


BMEDoc t1_j6nhosp wrote

I seem to recall that this was restricted to active duty Army only.


Abracadabruther t1_j6nj2q0 wrote

The website mentions programs are for active-duty military, dependents, retired military and civilians, but I don't know if that's for every MWR program or just a select few. That's why I'd call them first.


Invertedburrito69 t1_j6n4uen wrote

If it becomes a long time hobby i suggest quick jacks. I love mine. Feel safer with them


fl_man_in_rva t1_j6nypoj wrote

I've been looking into something like that. How easy is it to move them around and get into position?


Invertedburrito69 t1_j6ozyul wrote

If you have a concrete or asphalt driveway it’s really easy. Two small wheels one side and they slide fairly easy under the car. I’ve had my car on the lift for a month or so. It’s solid and i feel safer with it. I can slide fully under the car


fl_man_in_rva t1_j6pi5f1 wrote

How easy or annoying is it to get out for routine maintenance? For tire rotations it would make it very easy. Can you drive over it? Some weekends I'm doing multiple cars and it would nice to drive one car out then drive the next one in.