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progressiveinva69 t1_j5p2u2l wrote

The ability to eat a specialized diet is a first world phenomenon. All I ask is you people recognize how privileged you are.


Visual-Sheepherder36 t1_j5pa1sw wrote

It's one thing to recognize privilege, it's another to go looking for it when it doesn't apply. What a dumb fucking take.


Tryharder3212 t1_j5p7mb0 wrote

Vegan food is not necessarily expensive... Sorry you don't know how to cook and this post triggered you. Go eat some beans and rice.


thatthiccvegan t1_j5rla4a wrote

The animals you consume aren't "privileged", so shut the fuck up. Literally no one goes vegan because it's a luxury. Veganism is an ethical stance against the exploitation and consumption of animals. I'm a broke-ass college student living paycheck to paycheck. I give a shit about animals, so I don't eat them. Why the fuck is that so triggering to you???


thatthiccvegan t1_j5rk9yo wrote

Rice and beans are the two most readily available and inexpensive foodstuffs in the world. If you give a shit about animal welfare (ie: not consuming animals or their byproducts because you recognize that they're sentient beings and we don't need to eat them to survive), then you can go vegan. Regardless of where you are. I lived in a food desert in rural Culpeper this past summer for six weeks while at archaeology field school, you know, back when gas was $5/gal+. The only vegan options I could find were taco bell and burger king impossible whoppers. I quite literally lived off of the $1 sides of rice and beans from taco bell for six weeks while lifting hundreds of pounds of soil daily. There's no excuse if you actually give a single shit about animals. You can go vegan. If I could live off of taco bell rice and beans for six weeks while doing strenuous manual labor, then you can do it too.