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Flex_Bacontrim t1_j5rnwe4 wrote

>Sunflower Gardenz

I haven't heard of this ghost kitchen, awesome! The Devil's Lettuce is a new 100% vegan spot in short pump if you haven't heard.


njbrews t1_j5tas6j wrote

Omg yes i went for their NYD brunch and it was great. Slipped my mind! Sunflowers is operating out of the green kitchen in church hill now.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j5tat7k wrote

In August 2018, the Bogle Sunflower Plantation in Canada had to close off its sunflower fields to visitors after an Instagram image went Viral. The image caused a near stampede of photographers keen to get their own instagram image of the 1.4 million sunflowers in a field.