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atctia t1_j5onhmq wrote

This is kind of cool. Philly Vegan is a regular spot for me and I had Hot For Pizza for the first time this week and it was really good. Some of the places I hadn't heard of but I'm always down for trying new spots


progressiveinva69 t1_j5os85u wrote

Gross. Veganism and vegetarianism is a Bourgeois and first world luxury.


coalmines OP t1_j5owdbt wrote

News flash: we live in a first world country.

I’m not vegan or vegetarian but support people who choose those diets and also restaurants providing options for them.

Tofu and beans are way cheaper then meat and eggs too so I don’t really know what you are getting at saying it’s “bourgeois”.


TripawdCorgi t1_j5p0ix8 wrote

I can attest to the awesomeness of the Minglewood swiss roll special, I got to test them this past weekend.


progressiveinva69 t1_j5p29ri wrote

People who are subsisting on whatever meager food they can find. Find your lifestyle choice offensive.

“They make for bad travelers and bad guests. The notion that before you even set out to go to Thailand, you say, “I’m not interested,” or you’re unwilling to try things that people take so personally and are so proud of and so generous with, I don’t understand that, and I think it’s rude. You’re at Grandma’s house, you eat what Grandma serves you.”

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.”

“I don’t have any understanding of it. Being a vegan is a first-world phenomenon, completely self-indulgent.”

-Anthony Bourdain


pumicepickle t1_j5p51u3 wrote

I mean I hate an arrogant vegan as much as the next guy but instantly saying "gross" to vegan food is doing the exact same thing they do.

I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but goddamn some vegan food is delicious and could knock "regular" versions out of the water.


Pretend-Bread-8856 t1_j5p5fol wrote

You have talked to these people? Global warming is vastly impacted by the industrialized production of meat. You know who suffers the most from the effects of global warming? People living in the 3rd world. Take your self righteous bullshit elsewhere.


Flex_Bacontrim t1_j5p765o wrote

You're really going to back up your point with a quote from a rich dude that made a living making food for the wealthy and could afford to travel the world to eat local cuisines, many of which include a large amount of vegan fare?


njbrews t1_j5pe7vm wrote

Woooo!! Love this. Please support our 100% vegan spots like Minglewood, Philly Vegan, Sunflower Gardenz, Yummvvees, ETC


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whoknewgreenshrew t1_j5q1rwq wrote

I love veal and veal stock. I raise rabbits in my back yard and my wife makes a mean rabbit pate. Rabbit stock and fried kidneys in my quail eggs cannot be beat. Meat, the best protein considering amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the most important ones can only be found in animal proteins. My friend is a vegan and the amount of shit he has to take, supplement wise. Just eat some fucking meat. Don't even need a lot.


TripawdCorgi t1_j5q7mmy wrote

It sounds like your friend has something else going on entirely because most vegans either don't take supplements or if they do they take B12 and/or D. Interestingly enough, a large percentage of non vegans are deficient in vitamin D, particularly in the US, it's not really a diet thing. It's more of a sedentary office lifestyle causing us to miss out on the sun thing. And you don't have to take B12 if you get it from fortified foods, many of which are already things non vegans consume regularly and where they get their B12 from as well. Your friend just may have other things going on that they don't feel comfortable discussing with you, or maybe they're misinformed about what they actually need to take (which isn't a far stretch since the general population is as well thanks to advertising and marketing).


SwanOverSunshine t1_j5qc0i4 wrote

I've been a vegetarian most of my life, and am pretty much vegan at this point. Vegan food is so much cheaper, esp with the current inflationary trends. Meat, eggs inflation? Doesn't affect me at all. The processed vegan/vegetarian stuff can be pricey (like organic vegan frozen meals, fancy protein powders, specialty nut-based milks, etc). But those are a small part of most vegan's food choices. Beans, rice, pasta, potatos, and veggies are cheap! I think the thing that can be an issue is that being veggie does often mean you will cook more. And having the time and space to cook can be considered a luxury. But cooking most of your meals yourself is also one of the best ways to save money. And you can batch cook and freeze things to save some time. But poorer people sometimes have more chaotic lives, so I do get the idea that it's hard to be a picky eater when you have less money. If you're vegan, you can't just go through the drive through for dinner when life gets complicated. Well maybe, I guess you could get a salad and apple juice at mcdonalds or something, but it's hard to get a complete vegan fast food meal. Maybe Subway? I will say, most poorer people I know do cook most of their meals, so becoming vegan for them would be switching out meat/dairy/eggs for beans so that would be cheaper and not be extra cooking time.


SwanOverSunshine t1_j5qd58u wrote

Here's an example, I'm thinking about a family I used to know. They cooked a lot of pasta with meat sauce - easy, quick, feeds a lot, makes for easy leftovers. So keep the same pasta, switch to a non-meat marinara - same price so far. Instead of the ground beef, add in two cans of chickpeas. So same cooking time, still feeds a lot, same cooking skill, but the chickpeas are cheaper than the beef, so you come out ahead. It really is that easy.


thatthiccvegan t1_j5rk9yo wrote

Rice and beans are the two most readily available and inexpensive foodstuffs in the world. If you give a shit about animal welfare (ie: not consuming animals or their byproducts because you recognize that they're sentient beings and we don't need to eat them to survive), then you can go vegan. Regardless of where you are. I lived in a food desert in rural Culpeper this past summer for six weeks while at archaeology field school, you know, back when gas was $5/gal+. The only vegan options I could find were taco bell and burger king impossible whoppers. I quite literally lived off of the $1 sides of rice and beans from taco bell for six weeks while lifting hundreds of pounds of soil daily. There's no excuse if you actually give a single shit about animals. You can go vegan. If I could live off of taco bell rice and beans for six weeks while doing strenuous manual labor, then you can do it too.


thatthiccvegan t1_j5rla4a wrote

The animals you consume aren't "privileged", so shut the fuck up. Literally no one goes vegan because it's a luxury. Veganism is an ethical stance against the exploitation and consumption of animals. I'm a broke-ass college student living paycheck to paycheck. I give a shit about animals, so I don't eat them. Why the fuck is that so triggering to you???


rologies t1_j5s8s6h wrote

Neat, was just thinking I needed to find some more veggie spots.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j5tat7k wrote

In August 2018, the Bogle Sunflower Plantation in Canada had to close off its sunflower fields to visitors after an Instagram image went Viral. The image caused a near stampede of photographers keen to get their own instagram image of the 1.4 million sunflowers in a field.


No-Communication-908 t1_j5ui3ma wrote

Just had vegan biscuits and gravy, and a strawberry biscuit from Surrounding Counties this morning. Absolutely delightful!! They will have different vegan specials every day for V72. Check them out on Instagram or FB.