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resident16 t1_j6mt7ua wrote

Abbott Elementary is perfect for those who love The Office and Parks and Rec.


zigg-e t1_j6n6r9u wrote

As a former teacher, it is so funny but also so real.


eziam t1_j6npm02 wrote

As a current elementary teacher, it's not funny and totally not real at all. The amount of times they randomly walk out of a class to have 30 minute discussions NEVER happens in real life.


disputing_stomach t1_j6n0xpa wrote

You know, I've tried that show a couple times. Recorded it, watched 2-3 episodes...laughed maybe once total. I just don't find it funny, and I thought Office and Parks and Rec were great.


atctia t1_j6n2ilf wrote

I'm the opposite. I love Abbott, but couldn't get into the office. Never watched parks and rec though


TheyCallMeKP t1_j6nlude wrote

If you can stomach the first season of P&R, you can try Abott some more lol. Latest season is even better than the last

But alas, comedy is different for everyone.


RVAforthewin t1_j6nte4x wrote

The latter two shows are in my top three and I started watching Abbott. It’s hysterical and I agree with you. Funny enough my spouse’s first comment was, “This is The Office and P&R” when they sat down to watch it with me.