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zigg-e t1_j6muy24 wrote

Currently streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. I remember when it came out I was in college and I thought - wow, I would’ve loved that as a kid. And then I never watched it because it was a kids show. I recently had the realization that I should just do what I want in life and be myself more, which led me to starting up watching it. Fantastic show!


manyamile t1_j6mz29n wrote

Avatar is excellent as is The Legend of Korra. Enjoy!


disputing_stomach t1_j6n11gy wrote

That's a show I've watched through I think three times now. Twice with my kids, and then once on my own. Just a great show.


weasol12 t1_j6n482e wrote

When your show only has one filler episode in The Great Divide and has quite possibly the single best recap episode of all time, you made a masterpiece.