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Moondinos t1_j6my9bz wrote

Reply to comment by TheCheeseDevil in Tuesdaily by Optimal_Version

Oh they're gonna make so much money because a lot of folks also have moved to PC gaming, but I'm sure lots of people started watching and didn't realize it was based on a video game. They can take my money when it releases online, can't wait to sob again over it


megachickabutt t1_j6n56u9 wrote

my wife, when watching the show: "Is this in the game?" "Did that happen in the game?" etc....

She is not a gamer. Glad that you guys have a hobby in common.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6nhovr wrote

Same here except maybe I get too excited about pointing out game stuff. My spouse plays games but doesn't like long-form, story style rpg's so it's new to him.


Moondinos t1_j6o3x2c wrote

My boyfriend and I have both played so I'm sure when we watch it we're going to be pointing things out together lol