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coconut_sorbet t1_j6n4vzi wrote

Reply to comment by GrayRVA in Tuesdaily by Optimal_Version

> I think I enjoyed season 2 of Bridgeton

There were very few asses and the storyline was terrible. Your baseboards were a better use of your attention.


postnut_FUDbutter t1_j6nbfj5 wrote

You watch Bridgerton for the storyline? I watch Bridgerton for an excuse to speak in a horrible British accent and make up increasingly absurd monikers for lords and ladies on my couch while I binge-watch for 2 days.

Can't wait for season 3.


coconut_sorbet t1_j6nc1zm wrote

> You watch Bridgerton for the storyline?

Barely (pun very much intended).


GrayRVA t1_j6nn7ta wrote

Baha. I remember texting you during season one so fucking confused that the wedding was smack in the middle of the series. Like now what’s left? Boning. Lots and lots of boning.