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goatear13 t1_j6ni84h wrote

There is a new show called MILF Manor. Moms and their sons date each other. I can't believe this is an actual show....


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j6oi5dw wrote

It's vintage trash reality television taking me right back to 2003-2004 FOX. We were looking for something super trashy to watch and this fits the bill. It's gotta be the cringiest thing put on television in a long time.


eziam t1_j6npx17 wrote

Like incest or other people's moms...


goatear13 t1_j6o0wfc wrote

The show starts by introducing a group of moms who prefer younger men. When they introduce the group of men to the moms, each mom has one son in that group (which they thought their sons were going on a different dating show) and now the other moms are able to date the others sons. It's very uncomfortable.