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Happy Tuesday, all!

What are your show or movie recommendations for others to check out recently?

I randomly decided to pick back up Survivor and man.. I couldn't have chosen a better one. Season 40 "winners at war" was great!

Or discuss anything you'd like 😇



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TheCheeseDevil t1_j6mrcbx wrote

I'm really enjoying The Last of Us. Has started deviating from the game just enough to keep me on my toes.

Dropping my old dog off for dental surgery today. Cue ball of nerves for the entire day!


fang-island t1_j6mt6mx wrote

That recent episode of Last of Us made me cry. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started that episode.


Wa_wa_ouija t1_j6mw1ae wrote

I cried so much lmao. Was not expecting that amount of emotional damage.


disputing_stomach t1_j6n0ssp wrote

That was such a great episode. Some of the best TV I've seen in a while.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6n3ca3 wrote

I've seen so many bad tv adaptations of things I love that I honestly didn't have super high hopes for the show. That third episode blew me away, just some of the best television writing and directing I've seen in a very long time.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6mwm2q wrote

I thought I knew what was going to happen after the first two episodes were so close to the game.... instead got punched RIGHT in the feelings.


Lavenderev t1_j6nxtx9 wrote

Right? Ugly cried for a solid 45 minutes here.


fusion260 t1_j6o02r0 wrote

I haven't seen Sunday's episode yet but was aware of what was likely going to happen based on knowing how the game went

In the game, you only encounter a specific character in a few seconds of screen time and a few comments. Once they announced they cast someone for the series, and that the character is mentioned in advance in Episode 2 (which didn't happen in the game), I had a feeling they were going to add a good bit of backstory to make the outcome far more impactful.

My husband and I usually watch this on Mondays after dinner so we can have a good amount of eye bleach after to cheer us up. Yesterday was a long work day for him so we put it off to tonight, but he's going to trivia night tonight and will get home later. So, tomorrow night, maybe.


Moondinos t1_j6mxpk3 wrote

My boyfriend and I have been meaning to start watching it as we've both played the game. Apparently the game is also coming to PC in late March so I will be 100% replaying it since I don't have a ps4 anymore


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6mxy1n wrote

They're about to make a killing selling that game to folks new to the story, I bet. Show is extremely high quality


Moondinos t1_j6my9bz wrote

Oh they're gonna make so much money because a lot of folks also have moved to PC gaming, but I'm sure lots of people started watching and didn't realize it was based on a video game. They can take my money when it releases online, can't wait to sob again over it


megachickabutt t1_j6n56u9 wrote

my wife, when watching the show: "Is this in the game?" "Did that happen in the game?" etc....

She is not a gamer. Glad that you guys have a hobby in common.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6nhovr wrote

Same here except maybe I get too excited about pointing out game stuff. My spouse plays games but doesn't like long-form, story style rpg's so it's new to him.


Moondinos t1_j6o3x2c wrote

My boyfriend and I have both played so I'm sure when we watch it we're going to be pointing things out together lol


TheEverydayDad t1_j6na4lm wrote

I really enjoy the love story and not the relationship Bill and Frank had in the game.

Good luck to your doggo!


Life-Pair-8220 t1_j6nb3it wrote

Good luck to your dog! They will be home before you know it!


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6nhjkr wrote

Thanks! Before they know it, too. They get to have a long nap and I get to sweat.


resident16 t1_j6mt7ua wrote

Abbott Elementary is perfect for those who love The Office and Parks and Rec.


zigg-e t1_j6n6r9u wrote

As a former teacher, it is so funny but also so real.


eziam t1_j6npm02 wrote

As a current elementary teacher, it's not funny and totally not real at all. The amount of times they randomly walk out of a class to have 30 minute discussions NEVER happens in real life.


disputing_stomach t1_j6n0xpa wrote

You know, I've tried that show a couple times. Recorded it, watched 2-3 episodes...laughed maybe once total. I just don't find it funny, and I thought Office and Parks and Rec were great.


atctia t1_j6n2ilf wrote

I'm the opposite. I love Abbott, but couldn't get into the office. Never watched parks and rec though


TheyCallMeKP t1_j6nlude wrote

If you can stomach the first season of P&R, you can try Abott some more lol. Latest season is even better than the last

But alas, comedy is different for everyone.


RVAforthewin t1_j6nte4x wrote

The latter two shows are in my top three and I started watching Abbott. It’s hysterical and I agree with you. Funny enough my spouse’s first comment was, “This is The Office and P&R” when they sat down to watch it with me.


zigg-e t1_j6muy24 wrote

Currently streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. I remember when it came out I was in college and I thought - wow, I would’ve loved that as a kid. And then I never watched it because it was a kids show. I recently had the realization that I should just do what I want in life and be myself more, which led me to starting up watching it. Fantastic show!


manyamile t1_j6mz29n wrote

Avatar is excellent as is The Legend of Korra. Enjoy!


disputing_stomach t1_j6n11gy wrote

That's a show I've watched through I think three times now. Twice with my kids, and then once on my own. Just a great show.


weasol12 t1_j6n482e wrote

When your show only has one filler episode in The Great Divide and has quite possibly the single best recap episode of all time, you made a masterpiece.


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_j6mwjcj wrote

I can’t believe I waited so long to watch Barry. SO GOOD. Burned through all 3 seasons in a week and now I’m desperate for season 4. Such a great mix of suspense and comedy. Plus, I love Bill Hader. Why did I wait so long?

Other current obsession is The Last of Us. Episode 3 had me in tears.

Now I’m out of shows, so I’ll need y’all’s recommendations.


NuttingOnNutzy t1_j6n2ri0 wrote

The 4th season of Barry is in post production! I love it, probably my favorite show on television.

I can never get over the pacing and action sequences, it’s shocking what they manage to successfully fit into 30 minutes. It’s a brilliant show on so many different levels.


Wa_wa_ouija t1_j6naqkx wrote

Barry is one of the few shows of all time to nail my sense of humor lol.


grantcary t1_j6ncgyv wrote

I keep forgetting to watch season 3! I don't have HBOmax so I'm literally going to pay for a month of it to watch Barry and then whatever else I can cram into that month. Succession maybe?


notrealbutreally175 t1_j6nsp60 wrote

You should watch:

The Last of Us, Chernobyl, Succession, The Sopranos, The Leftovers, Big Little Lies, The White Lotus, True Detective, The Night of


grantcary t1_j6ntozg wrote

Thank you for this!! I forgot about Chernobyl and now I'm excited to watch it. Plus True Detective and the Sopranos


notrealbutreally175 t1_j6nu1ng wrote

If you can finish the Sopranos in a month, then I’d be very impressed! Definitely one of my all time favorites. Chernobyl is so good and so sad


grantcary t1_j6nu7t8 wrote

I would also be impressed considering my limited attention span lmao. If I get sucked in though I'd be willing to pay for another month!


RV-Yay t1_j6ntmjy wrote

Succession is great. As for recent HBO shows, I also like White Lotus and Righteous Gemstones (which is I think is coming back sometime this year).


noodleypotato t1_j6ox3e9 wrote

The latest episode of The Last of Us had me in tears and in my feels. It was so beautiful.


Moondinos t1_j6my1or wrote

We just watched The Menu not too long ago and it was realllllyyyy good. My partner and I enjoyed it.

I'm not looking forward to the rainy weather this week, but I do have so many left overs right now I don't know what to do with them lol. I work tonight and then off until Friday cause my manager isn't thrilled I changed my availability for school only slightly and I'm still supposed to be full time🫠 this is fine


incorrigible_muffin t1_j6nc6ed wrote

I'm watching this movie right now before I go into work and enjoying it immensely.


Moondinos t1_j6o4bgu wrote

I hope you enjoyed it!


incorrigible_muffin t1_j6o5edx wrote

I absolutely did and am probably going to re-watch it this weekend! I definitely want a cheeseburger something fierce now, though.


Moondinos t1_j6okcaa wrote

That's how I felt at the end lol now I just want a really good cheese burger. I was telling my partner up until the one scene "I thought this was horror?" And then it happened. We work in the industry so this has sparked us to just watch industry themed movies for like a week


ashbee4 t1_j6na0zj wrote

The menu was my favorite film of last year! So good. Laughed out loud multiple times but also was in such suspense! I can’t believe it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.


Moondinos t1_j6o47xh wrote

It honestly is the best movie we both have seen in a while! It has us watching more industry themed movies right now lol


schmoopie76 t1_j6ne2rk wrote

The Bear is fantastic! Even better if you like to cook or enjoy food. The acting and storyline is beautiful yet sad, intense, caring.

Been watching West Wing, it’s like home to me, don’t know why.


123takeapissonme t1_j6ouvzj wrote

The bear was fantastic and did a great job at showing how stressful working in a kitchen is. Glad I moved to tech!


Asterion7 t1_j6msr4z wrote

Favorite recent shows are probably "Severance" and "House of the Dragons". Watching last of us and it's pretty awesome so far.


sassypapaya t1_j6mtp7c wrote

Severance is soooo good. Cannot wait for the next season


opienandm t1_j6mvyus wrote

I always get worried when there is so much time between seasons of a show as great as Severance. I think I’m still bitter from how Deadwood “ended”.


sassypapaya t1_j6nup4y wrote

Oh no, I never watched Deadwood but I’ve heard tell of that disaster. At this point I have no choice but to have faith that Ben Stiller and writers will do Mark and crew justice haha


Lavenderev t1_j6ny02i wrote

Severance hasn’t gotten the buzz it’s due! Amazing show!


GrayRVA t1_j6mv1g9 wrote

Truth: it’s been ages since I’ve watched a movie or show without multitasking. I think I enjoyed season 2 of Bridgeton, but I was also watching while scooting around on my ass painting my baseboards. I probably missed seeing actual asses.

One episode of Dirty Money I’ve watched multiple times is Drug Short. So good.


coconut_sorbet t1_j6n4vzi wrote

> I think I enjoyed season 2 of Bridgeton

There were very few asses and the storyline was terrible. Your baseboards were a better use of your attention.


postnut_FUDbutter t1_j6nbfj5 wrote

You watch Bridgerton for the storyline? I watch Bridgerton for an excuse to speak in a horrible British accent and make up increasingly absurd monikers for lords and ladies on my couch while I binge-watch for 2 days.

Can't wait for season 3.


coconut_sorbet t1_j6nc1zm wrote

> You watch Bridgerton for the storyline?

Barely (pun very much intended).


GrayRVA t1_j6nn7ta wrote

Baha. I remember texting you during season one so fucking confused that the wedding was smack in the middle of the series. Like now what’s left? Boning. Lots and lots of boning.


ChuckBS t1_j6mz5pb wrote

Hear me out- Avatar: The Last Airbender. I just watched it on Netflix and that show is way deeper and far more clever than any “kids” show has any right to be.


atctia t1_j6n2x9a wrote

That was one of the best shows Nick has ever put out.


PhoenixAshies t1_j6n36q9 wrote

We started watching Poker Face last night. I'm hooked after the first episode and can't wait to watch more tonight!

Considering watching You People over the weekend...has anyone watched yet?


deathbeforeupvote t1_j6n4d2j wrote

I’m currently rewatching Boardwalk Empire. Great period piece with awesome characters. IMO, Richard Harrow is one of TV’s most interesting and deepest characters.


notrealbutreally175 t1_j6ntg80 wrote

Have you seen Peaky Blinders? Boardwalk empire is like an American version of that. Both great shows!


gordonglover t1_j6mrwi7 wrote

I've been rewatching the west wing. I always enjoy the early simpsons and king of the hill. Movie wise, I saw She Said and thought it was a good movie.


marina903 t1_j6n6kao wrote

A little late to the game but I'm finally watching GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) with Alison Brie. I'm a former PBS kid so am also enjoying Masterpiece Theatre's "All Creatures Great and Small" (feel-good, 1940's rural England) and "Miss Scarlet and the Duke" (badass lady detective in Victorian England).


molluskich t1_j6mtabj wrote

I'm thoroughly enjoying Abbot Elementary. I also watched one of my guilty pleasure movies last night, Sleeping With Other People.


Arcangelathanos t1_j6n0q2j wrote

Cobra Kai is way better than it deserves to be. I love it so much that it is ridiculous. Absolutely need to rewatch the movies though. I had forgotten a lot.


Mother-Ad-8142 t1_j6n1ii9 wrote

I just wanted to take this time to gripe about the split of the 1a 1b 1c bus routes that now splits everyone's ride in half and doubles the commute time.

Also, often slept on, Brand New Cherry Flavor on Netflix is perfect for people who like a show that doesn't take itself too seriously. A bit scary at times too and it's a limited series so no commitment!


NuttingOnNutzy t1_j6n1v0w wrote

I just watched Puss in Boots: The Last Wish with my kiddos and was totally surprised when it turned out to be a well-made, perfectly paced spaghetti western!

No joke, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 2nd best film I’ve seen this year


SwitchToDecaf t1_j6mzcxm wrote

I’m a few years late to the party but recently finished season two of Norsemen on Netflix. It’s like Vikings meets Monty Python. Can’t recommend it enough


turnipmeatloaf t1_j6nh2w2 wrote

Been watching the older Simpsons episodes. Feels like home


atctia t1_j6n2arp wrote

I'm still enjoying my weekly dose of Abbot Elementary and I've recently started watching Kaleidoscope on Netflix. I've watched the green and purple episodes and so far I'm enjoying it, but it took me a while to decide what order I wanted to watch in.

In the anime sphere I've been hooked on Buddy Daddies and Bungo Stray Dogs

As far as movies are concerned, I'm looking forward to watching Wakanda Forever tomorrow evening


weasol12 t1_j6n3ze3 wrote

Wife and I saw Puss In Boots: The Last Wish over the weekend. It was far better than it had any right to be.


RV-Yay t1_j6nu3tj wrote

My husband dragged me to this last weekend. I enjoyed it much more than I expected.


ashbee4 t1_j6najqa wrote

Started Shrinking on Apple TV w Jason segel and Harrison ford. Loving it. Laugh out loud but also all the feels. Recommend if you like Ted Lasso.

I also started Women at War on Netflix (originally a French series but you can watch in French w subtitles or dubbed in English) and it’s about four women in france during WWI. It’s reallllly good. Recommend if you love historic dramas.

I obviously need to start The Last of Us.


markerfive t1_j6nfjum wrote

Just watched the first two episodes of Shrinking on Apple TV… I’m looking forward to more.


goatear13 t1_j6ni84h wrote

There is a new show called MILF Manor. Moms and their sons date each other. I can't believe this is an actual show....


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j6oi5dw wrote

It's vintage trash reality television taking me right back to 2003-2004 FOX. We were looking for something super trashy to watch and this fits the bill. It's gotta be the cringiest thing put on television in a long time.


eziam t1_j6npx17 wrote

Like incest or other people's moms...


goatear13 t1_j6o0wfc wrote

The show starts by introducing a group of moms who prefer younger men. When they introduce the group of men to the moms, each mom has one son in that group (which they thought their sons were going on a different dating show) and now the other moms are able to date the others sons. It's very uncomfortable.


wagonboss t1_j6mx3ed wrote

I think I’m broken, if I sit and try to find something to watch- I end up on golf network. But if my wife picks something, I get hooked.

We just finished the reality game show “the traitors” on Peacock. That’s kinda fun for both of us. She likes trashy tv, and I was entertained by the strategy or lack thereof.


ifweweresharks t1_j6mx6oh wrote

In addition to Abbot Elementary, I like Welcome to Flatch and Home Economics


TehKimmeh t1_j6mxmtp wrote

Hell's Kitchen keeps me coming back!


haloranges t1_j6n38d9 wrote

I'm def rooting for Sommer this season. They really tried to vilify her throughout the season, but she's showed she has the chops!


TehKimmeh t1_j6nhm1v wrote

YES!!! She is who I am currently rooting for too!! Well, after last episode sent home my former fav that is 💀


No_Education_5067 t1_j6myate wrote

Fringe! Just had my wife finish it and she loved it. Definitely can be campy at times (ran from 2008-2013 on network tv) and there’s some hilarious product placement from time to time, but it’s arguably one of the best sci-fi shows ever. Plus it has a satisfying conclusion


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6n0zty wrote

oh man, someone else who loved Fringe!! absolutely adore that show


RileyDL t1_j6myk60 wrote

We recently finished the AMC Interview With a Vampire series and it was so good. Neither of us are into Anne Rice so we've never read the books, didn't have any source material to compare it to. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to season 2.

We also watched Violent Night a few days ago with our teenager. Everyone really enjoyed that, too. It's a little gruesome for my tastes but pretty tame for a horror movie.


donniedarkhair t1_j6mz832 wrote

I just watch Forensic Files on repeat. Still hasn't gotten old after all these years.

I really want to watch the Last of Us but I'm worried it will be like Resident Evil where the game was amazing but the movies just fall short.


Jtravers23 t1_j6n38am wrote

I don't think so even with slight departures from the game plot. The third episode is amazing television.


megachickabutt t1_j6n5jb9 wrote

Happy to report it's television worthy of bearing HBO's name. Definitely doing the game justice. Jump right in.


Lmvalent t1_j6n30a1 wrote

Do you like action and ridiculous over the top ultraviolence? Are you an Anglophile? Check out Gangs of London.

Industry is real good and under the radar.

Happy Valley.



marina903 t1_j6n5ul0 wrote

Yes to Pachinko. Beautifully done. The theme song is so catchy.


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_j6nhza8 wrote

The first episode of pachinko felt pretty sleepy -- does it pick up at all?


ripleyajm t1_j6n3941 wrote

Saw Skinamarink at Bow tie last week and it was the most upsetting horror movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t think any movie has physically affected me the way that movie did. Finds new ways to be scary without any gore or violence


cutejnny t1_j6nkr38 wrote

I thought it was a little longer than really needed, but the scary parts were indeed scary. The overall storyline and hidden meanings have definitely stuck with me since then though, so I'd say it was worth seeing.


everybodyhateskhris t1_j6n3gd9 wrote

Talk about favorite shows always makes me curious, how many streaming services does everyone have? I'm at 4 with Netflix and the Disney+ bundle (well 3 if you consider how often I use ESPN+ ha).


docskreba t1_j6nm48l wrote

I only use HBO Max because I paid for a year last summer at a steep discount. I won’t be renewing it though, especially with the Discovery merger. I usually just “acquire” shows/movies and drop them on my Plex for me and my family to watch.

My daughter is really into anime so I did get her a subscription to Crunchyroll because some of that shit is hard to find elsewhere…


everybodyhateskhris t1_j6o3rs2 wrote

Yeah there's probably at least one show on a streaming service that I don't have currently that I am interested in watching.... eventually ha. Perhaps I need to start rotating streaming services.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6nihxg wrote

We barter services. I pay for hulu, my spouse pays for disney, and then we have access to everything else by trading. I'm not interested in doing cable style bundles again, so if they crack down harder on password sharing I'm just sailing the seas instead


everybodyhateskhris t1_j6nq400 wrote

Yeah when I said "I" I really meant we as my spouse pays for Netflix and I pay for Disney+. I looked it up to satisfy my curiosity and the average I found is 4 subscriptions.

I believe I saw that Netflix is about to crack down on password sharing. I don't know about other streaming services password sharing leniency but I wonder how that will impact average subscriptions.


megachickabutt t1_j6n5vjz wrote

Everybody is saying The Last of Us, for good reason, it's excellent. So I'm just going to say:

CHAINSAW MAN (on hulu). I'm not into Anime, and only occasionally watch it. CS was a standout for me last year. Both that show and The Bear are must watches if you have Hulu.


bearwithmerva t1_j6nf14m wrote

Apparently on a murder/crime binge, but the first seasons of True Detective (HBO) and The Sinner (Netflix)


kmblake3 t1_j6nktul wrote

Woke up to find out I lost a close friend to addiction. Something none of us even knew about. We became best friends in middle school, grew apart a bit in high school, and recently just got back in touch. We were supposed to grab lunch soon. I am heartbroken.

ETA: also, to stay on the post topic, I’m enjoying Ginny and Georgia.


takemusuai t1_j6ogbcp wrote

My friends and I started watching survivor last year and we are hooked! Hoyoooooh🎵

Season 40 is awesome but unfortunately now you have 20 spoilers. I did the same thing, that was the 2nd season I watched. However, I’m still surprised sometimes because a lot of those players were on multiple seasons where they didn’t win…so you never truly know


RVAWTFBBQ t1_j6oh9y0 wrote

Apparently all we watch are shows about rich people being terrible as I just finished season 3 of Succession (Roman sending the pic to his dad by mistake was about the hardest I've cringed and laughed at a show in ages) and also just watched both seasons of White Lotus.


momthom427 t1_j6pjjai wrote

The White Lotus was outstanding.


fang-island t1_j6mt31s wrote

I just finished watching "The Glory" on Netflix.

It's a great revenge story; I think maybe it's possible I like it so much because it's very satisfying to see bullies get their comeuppance.

I had my fair share of bullies growing up; but the bullying in the show would definitely be classified as school violence.

It is in Korean; I recommend watching it subbed and not dubbed.


The_UnknownTA t1_j6mupl8 wrote

I heard Eat The Rich is a pretty good docu-series. I gotta watch it.


mmasusername t1_j6ndmkw wrote

Been watching Diagnosis on Netflix. It’s A doctor solving medical mysteries and finding the right diagnoses for people with really strange symptoms. If you like reality & mystery & feel good stories, you should check it out.


CharlesTheBob t1_j6niey5 wrote

Was never into anime but my sister got me hooked on Attack on Titan and I got caught up in a month. Absolutely wild show, bonkers. It’s kinda cliche as the anime everyone recommends but that’s cause it’s so gaddamn good lmao


docskreba t1_j6nkpjd wrote

My kid started watching Ghosts which is incredibly…meh.

Then we found the original UK version (on HBO Max) and that’s one of the funniest goddam shows I’ve ever seen.


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j6ohfsq wrote

Oh, interesting. I found the BBC version first, and enjoyed it, but then started watching the CBS version and I think I like it even more. Both are pretty funny though.


BoyzMum66 t1_j6nvf4j wrote

I've been making my way back through one of my all-time favorite shows, "The West Wing." Brilliant writing, even more brilliant acting. Somewhat bittersweet - it's the White House we all deserve, but will likely never have...


stickynohte t1_j6nw7en wrote

Really hoping for snow tomorrow but it’s looking less and less likely.

Currently working on Shrinking on AppleTV - I was a big HIMYM fan so I love Jason Segel.

Started The Menu (went into it blindly) and I’m not sure I enjoy it at all.

Just waiting for the newest season of Love Island UK to be passed over to Hulu!


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_j6nj2eo wrote

Recently watched Unorthodox and Normal People -- both were fantastic. Paul Mescal (Normal People) is a fantastic actor.

Also recently watched the Banshees of Inisherin -- fantastic film as long as you realize it's an allegory for the Irish Civil War. The acting is very good, but without the context the plot is strange.

Do not recommend Murders in the Building season 2. It just wasn't that enjoyable for me, and the end particularly seemed to drag.


ShadowScorpion11 t1_j6o1l0c wrote

Traitors on Peacock. It's got Cirie and Stephanie from Survivor and some big brother people too.


15jsatte t1_j6o6a63 wrote

I’m enjoying How I Met Your Father (never seen HIMYM) so do with that information what you will


marty_town t1_j6odtd4 wrote

Is anyone else getting a fedex from "COUNTY OF HENRICO/PUBLIC WORKS"? I have no idea what they would send me via fedex envelope. figure they would use USPS.


nosleepnation t1_j6p5dzs wrote

The glory on Netflix... I'm dying for part 2 in march


rvamama804 t1_j6p5tw5 wrote

Enjoying Fleishman Is In Trouble so far.