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Swrdmn OP t1_j6hqz8m wrote

For me… gotta feed the cats.


BlueXTC t1_j6htqc6 wrote

That alarm starts going off at 4 am at this house. It gets louder the closer it gets to the clock alarm at 5am.


ohsweetpeaches t1_j6i0oqz wrote

We have two cats and have gotten automatic feeders that go off at exactly the same time in different rooms, so they just bolt to their assigned spot and I don’t have to do a dang thing, it’s amazing.


rattylight t1_j6id8r2 wrote

Same here. I went from getting clawed in the face every morning by a large, hungry cat to now watching him sit patiently by his feeder about an hour before it's supposed to go off. Life changing. Now both cats have the same feeder and they just go to their spots.


hankhan18 t1_j6jx3ef wrote

Automatic feeders saved my sleep schedule. Like clockwork, everyday at 5 am my cats would riot until they got their scoop of food. I swear they can read my clock.


GrayRVA t1_j6hz8pn wrote

My cat has been on a hunger strike since I switched his kibble. Now that I switched back, he has a sparkly litter box, and a cat nip toy, he’s dejected. He really likes to pout and now he’s out of reasons to scream into the void.