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pumicepickle t1_j6hpvao wrote

Capitalism and coffee


turnipmeatloaf t1_j6ht61j wrote

When you dance with a bear, you don’t stop until the bear stops. Espresso’s the bear


resident16 t1_j6hvxyh wrote

Speaking of bears, I saw the previous for cocaine bear and it looks insane.


rva-coffee t1_j6hymsi wrote

Don't forget to support your favorite local coffee roaster/cafe so big-C Capitalism doesn't drive them out of business.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6hr9wy wrote

I am starting a new job today. I was at my previous gig for more than 8 years.

I was gonna write that I feel "excited" or "nervous" but really I kind of feel... Nothing about it.


ChuckBS t1_j6huba3 wrote

We’ll I hope, at the least, this job benefits you more in a monetary sense than your old one. That’s why we work after all


BlueXTC t1_j6hq4ib wrote

Work unfortunately as my investment in my powerball retirement fund did not pay off much. $4 to reinvest for tonight.


iamlostinthetide t1_j6hqdo3 wrote

We just signed to have a house built so going to work to pay off debt lol


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j6hutyu wrote

I can't imagine doing that. I would change my mind every 10 minutes and then even after it was built would say "should we have.....?" Kudos to you taking it on!


Mirrid t1_j6hsoex wrote

Hey, we just did that, too! Congratulations!


rva-coffee t1_j6hypwb wrote

Congrats! How'd you go about picking the land for it?


iamlostinthetide t1_j6i77xj wrote

We actually went with a townhome since it meets both of us hating mowing a lawn.


rva-coffee t1_j6i9ktu wrote

Oh nice! One less maintenance thing to worry about is definitely a plus.


lycosid t1_j6hpmxx wrote

Baby vomit.


resident16 t1_j6hw38n wrote

Gotta ping my coworkers and see who all watched The Last of Us. Nick Offerman better get an Emmy for that performance.


Imheretosnoopatcats t1_j6hwxb6 wrote

I did not expect that as I haven’t played the game but fuck man, heart wrenching.


resident16 t1_j6hx3f4 wrote

What’s funny is that this episode actually deviates from the game and fleshes out these two characters.


Imheretosnoopatcats t1_j6hxdq9 wrote

Yea I saw that in some threads, game apparently has Ellie meet Bill. So I’ll have to play it soon.


megachickabutt t1_j6i2yyo wrote

If you have a ps4/5, You really should, both 1 and 2. Great games. I played 1 when it launched just about a decade ago.


Imheretosnoopatcats t1_j6i36is wrote

Yea my friend just upgraded to a ps5 so im getting his 4 for TLOU and Spider-Man and God of war


megachickabutt t1_j6i3j8f wrote

The hits! Add uncharted 4 and possibly death stranding to that list. All super strong single player masterpieces.


SSPeteCarroll t1_j6i7b58 wrote

Really play both parts 1 and 2. I played them last year after not having a playstation for over 12 years and I'm mad at myself that I waited this long.


resident16 t1_j6ie52c wrote

Spider-Man was such an incredible experience. I actually got God of War over the weekend so I’m excited to check it out.


Swrdmn OP t1_j6hqz8m wrote

For me… gotta feed the cats.


BlueXTC t1_j6htqc6 wrote

That alarm starts going off at 4 am at this house. It gets louder the closer it gets to the clock alarm at 5am.


ohsweetpeaches t1_j6i0oqz wrote

We have two cats and have gotten automatic feeders that go off at exactly the same time in different rooms, so they just bolt to their assigned spot and I don’t have to do a dang thing, it’s amazing.


rattylight t1_j6id8r2 wrote

Same here. I went from getting clawed in the face every morning by a large, hungry cat to now watching him sit patiently by his feeder about an hour before it's supposed to go off. Life changing. Now both cats have the same feeder and they just go to their spots.


hankhan18 t1_j6jx3ef wrote

Automatic feeders saved my sleep schedule. Like clockwork, everyday at 5 am my cats would riot until they got their scoop of food. I swear they can read my clock.


GrayRVA t1_j6hz8pn wrote

My cat has been on a hunger strike since I switched his kibble. Now that I switched back, he has a sparkly litter box, and a cat nip toy, he’s dejected. He really likes to pout and now he’s out of reasons to scream into the void.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6hsk5d wrote

The dogs are gonna pee somewhere, and I'd rather that be out of doors. Gets you up like nothing else


DriveRVA t1_j6hti71 wrote

I would pit the sound of my dog about to vomit against my fire alarm for my reaction time any day.


coldblackmaple t1_j6l9emo wrote

That is so true. Just happened to me the other morning around 4am.


Stop_staring_at_me t1_j6i0rne wrote

Dog sitting a 3rd dog along with my 2. They all went out, then guest dog came back in and peed in the hallway.


PercyDovetonsils t1_j6kvygm wrote

Did he stare at you to assert dominance while he was doing it? That's what my dog does.


TripleOBlack t1_j6hs5gb wrote

Not much. Gotta do real person stuff today, like putting my foot up the ass of my college financial aid office


GrayRVA t1_j6hwraw wrote

Work until 4:59 PM. I don’t think my new job understands how white collar gigs work. How are you going to prove your value if you’re not putting in extra hours reading Reddit?


The_UnknownTA t1_j6hx793 wrote

Goldfish crackers! The snack that smiles back!


MobileTough t1_j6iezej wrote

I am seriously missing the Pizza Goldfish.

They seem to have disappeared and no one seems to care! They have the flavor blasted but it’s just not the same.


The_UnknownTA t1_j6imq8d wrote

They need to bring those back and get rid of the pretzel ones.


saehildth t1_j6hpmwp wrote

Nothing. I woke up at 3 am with chills and leg pain so it’s a day of bed rest for me. Thought I might have to order food since I’m probably not gonna be cooking today.


juwanna-blomie t1_j6hr2rt wrote

Several appointments. But at least I have the day off of work…


ChuckBS t1_j6hu7cz wrote

Gotta work, otherwise I’d be taking it easy today. Got a lunch meeting, but at least that means lunch is paid for.


jodyhighrola t1_j6ibe28 wrote

As others have said, back to capitalism and mental torture. At least I have the super bowl to look forward to... go birds

(and spring is creeping in, or a tease)


upearlyRVA t1_j6hseef wrote

The gym. Slacked off last week, so back at it. Well, that and the always hungry dog.


DriveRVA t1_j6htf3l wrote

is the New Year's resolution crowd still going strong?


upearlyRVA t1_j6i4wmn wrote

It was busy this morning, but that may have been because it's a Monday.


seekingpretzels t1_j6htihg wrote

Out of bed for work but groggier and angrier than usual because the apartment building’s fire alarm went off twice yesterday - one at 2pm and one at 3am, and we had to pack up the animals to evacuate both times. Management never tells us what happened and it’s absurd


Asterion7 t1_j6hvya3 wrote

School drop offs. And coffee.


lonytynch t1_j6hx6d6 wrote

Got some batteries and a new changing bag, if anyone has unwanted/expired 35mm or 120 film please msg me!


popeboyQ t1_j6i0hax wrote

Half a shift at work today. Only 4 hours, and after working Sunday. Fingers crossed it's a slow day.


molluskich t1_j6hxj5t wrote

I slept in the recliner last night, and not well. Something kept me up most of the night but I don't know what. I'm getting back to my normal weekly schedule: get kiddo up, drive him to school, take Boaty to preschool.


Luigiprimodonnna t1_j6i08kt wrote

Not really sure. Money I guess. Pissed off that my team got screwed last night. Hate Mahomes and the annoying Chiefs fans. Hate that the refs blew it. Going to be in a bad mood for about a week.


Arcangelathanos t1_j6i0dcg wrote

Definitely the puppy barking. The cats are trained to wait until one of us gets up before they start asking for wet food.


stickynohte t1_j6i12hh wrote

Slept from ~4pm until 10:30pm last night, then had a small snack and went back to sleep. I’ve been painfully tired lately but maybe that’s the difference between working a job where I’m not just twiddling my thumbs all day.

Anyway, told myself last night that today could be a Starbucks day since I technically didn’t buy any this weekend (my mom did, for me). There is no temperature in which I will not drink my coffee iced.


mewisme700 t1_j6i3aal wrote

Woke up with a headache, so going into work later today. Perks of being self employed.


atctia t1_j6i2svq wrote

I have to work, so I had to get out of bed. At least I'm working from home today though


thornykins t1_j6i5dbn wrote

Capitalism and looming threat of irreparable debt. Because God knows it isn't because I like my job


icepick314 t1_j6i6bqx wrote

4AM piss.

Sucks because my bladder usually screams around 5.


skulloctopus2023 t1_j6ihl5d wrote

The need to pay over priced bills in our shit pay capitalist society.


Moondinos t1_j6iipk2 wrote

VCU course work and nachos for lunch lol


EnigmaticMander t1_j6irgsd wrote

Woke up for work but randomly extra early so I got a nice shower and took my time with my daily routine and even made it to work early. Day has been moving relatively fast also. It's not too bad of a Monday so far.


fitzmouse t1_j6jd7xs wrote

My toddler managed to keep me out of bed most of the night by constantly waking up and making a ruckus through the house. Finally got him to settle down by cuddling next to him until he asked me to go sleep on the recliner next to his bed.

His sleep regressions in the past year have been more difficult for me personally than anytime when he was a newborn.


marina903 t1_j6jxmiw wrote

Today, knowing I had a friend's birthday cake leftovers helped spur me out of bed


Captian420 t1_j6k6spa wrote

Is there anywhere to play cards in rva? Like poker and such. Not necessarily for money but wondering if a bar or some space hosts card games


Kelevracado4287 t1_j6kerb7 wrote

Muay Thai class. Then worked until about 20 minutes ago. Ready to do it all tomorrow I guess


PercyDovetonsils t1_j6kvlfp wrote

PT appointment for my wife's broken wrist. I think she'll be finished with the PT soon. Boring errands after that.


Captian420 t1_j6k6tnv wrote

Is there anywhere to play cards in rva? Like poker and such. Not necessarily for money but wondering if a bar or some space hosts card games