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slycooper89 t1_j6dmw37 wrote

Todays my 1000 days sober from alcohol. After almost losing my life due to my ignorance, recklessness, and selfishness, I’m feeling happy to be alive, grateful for the support and love Iv received from friends along the way, and just fucking blessed period. Longest run on sentence of my life but shit today is my day DAMNIT


Plastic_Present4574 t1_j6fbrxp wrote

Im sitting here tryna be sober after rehab right this very second. Proud of u


Tayl44 t1_j6ffj73 wrote

You can do it!

-Family of those who’ve been through the same.


Mmeeggggss t1_j6cu420 wrote

My husband saw an opossum for the first time in his life the other night.

“What is it? A mongoose? A rat?”


Stitchmond OP t1_j6cucaz wrote

Divorce him.


Mmeeggggss t1_j6d4c6m wrote

He’s from the UK and said they don’t have them over there.


121G1GW t1_j6d4ht3 wrote

Oh ok, Divorch em Govnah


easy_Money t1_j6der8k wrote

mfw when Americans call saber toothed bin kittens "possums"


Stitchmond OP t1_j6d93im wrote

I stand by my advice. I'm from America but I know what a zebra is.


Libshitz74 t1_j6eadkx wrote

He’s right. I’m horrified by their existence


crankybitch2022 t1_j6d2akm wrote

I feed a big ass possum on my front porch every night. Everyone needs a porch possum.


MrImBoredAgain t1_j6dof2e wrote

I'm now laughing into my brunch beer hearing "what is it? A mongoose?" In a thick English accent. I haven't even heard the word mongoose since reading rikki tikki tavi a million years ago lol


InterstateExit t1_j6fqzvy wrote


MrImBoredAgain t1_j6fu6xj wrote

Omg I'm not even sure what I just watched but it made me very happy! Thank you!!


InterstateExit t1_j6fukpg wrote

The dwarf mongoose played dead to try and play with the hornbill. They are symbiotic species; the mongooses stir up bugs and such that the hornbills eat. The narrators had never observed that behavior before. I can’t stop laughing whenever I watch it! Glad you enjoyed it.


MrImBoredAgain t1_j6fv2ar wrote

Omg I LOVE THIS. You are a gem, interstateexit. I'm now binging mongoose documentaries and my night is shot


Ditovontease t1_j6dgthk wrote

when I was a teenager I had a boyfriend from Lithuania. the first time he saw a possum he got out of the car and started running after it going "WHAT IS THATTTT"

he also did that with poison oak and touched it...


MissLauraCroft t1_j6cwd9m wrote

I’m skipping church today to have a lazy day. Gonna make some blueberry muffins for me and the kids, do laundry, hate-watch Gilmore Girls, and start pre-packing for a work trip to the DR.


throwawayrva83 t1_j6czc9o wrote

Work trip to DR? Tell me more.


MissLauraCroft t1_j6d1665 wrote

I do marketing for resort chains, so I travel several times a year to Mexican and Caribbean travel destinations. Sometimes it’s super fun and it’s like a vacation, sometimes I have to work the whole time and don’t get to even see the beach or dip a toe into the pool. This is one of the not-fun trips.

It’s a pretty great job, though, ngl.


RVABasementGoblin t1_j6d1zny wrote

This sounds incredible. How did you get involved with that?


MissLauraCroft t1_j6dfk69 wrote

I lived in Cancun for 15 years, where everybody works for resorts. I moved back to RVA a few years ago and was able to hang on to my career remotely.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j6czgz8 wrote

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hate-watches things. Last night was Star Wars Episode III. Great heckling fodder


Wa_wa_ouija t1_j6d6f49 wrote

Started smoking the brisket last night at 730PM. Just pulled it off at 0930 and it will be resting wrapped in towels until our guests arrive for brunch at 11. I'm 3 beers deep already and we haven't even had mimosas yet. It's a good day, yall.


Snowdaysarethebest t1_j6fgwzl wrote

How’d it turn out!? What kind of rub!? I must know!


adognamedgoat t1_j6cz465 wrote

My day, like all weekend days, will be taken up with intermittent dog walks because I can't tire out my 10 year-old husky otherwise. If only I was a person who runs. Someone should start a business where they get paid to take dogs on their regular runs. My dog doesn't need a 30 minute casual stroll; bitch needs some 7 minute miles.

I'm old, chunky, and have creaky knees, so it's probably not going to be me.


Arcangelathanos t1_j6czwxe wrote

Turn it into a fitness thing like Yoga with Cats. "Run with Dogs," -$10 a session. You charge them. Cater it toward women who feel unsafe running alone.

When this becomes a booming business, I only expect 5% of gross profit in royalties.


adognamedgoat t1_j6d3fa9 wrote

My significant other jokes about starting a fitness program called the Blue Collar Workout. Where people pay him to do construction work under his tutelage. Like CrossFit, except with a purpose.


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j6dpq60 wrote

The last season of Shameless they do just that. Lifting kegs in the back room of the bar.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6d3f0l wrote

For a long time I thought a puppy rental service would do well in places with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Basically the easiest ice-breaker for anyone looking to meet people is to take a puppy for a walk along Cary street.


Danger-Moose t1_j6d6jhc wrote

That would be especially funny if you made a new friend and a week later they were wondering where your puppy is.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6d8299 wrote

When that happens, they come back to re-rent the same puppy, and you can gouge the price!


juwanna-blomie t1_j6d09kk wrote

I haven’t considered this but I’m in Lakeside, enjoy going for a run and love dogs lol. If you need someone on weekends to tire your dogs out I’m open to it.


leethalweapons t1_j6dzigh wrote

Bad timing with all the canine funk going around, but the dog park is the only thing that truly tires my beagle mix out.


adognamedgoat t1_j6e0nfc wrote

My girl is on heavy immunosuppressants for a disease so she can't do that anyway. I miss seeing her run full out, though. Her favorite dogs to chase are beagles!


PickanickBasket t1_j6d7f8c wrote

This is a common thing in NYC haha. I found doing tricks on walks help wear out my energetic dog. I have him "change" from side to side, weave between my legs, walk backwards, hop-touch my hands, chase treats a bit ahead. Maybe that could help?

I, too, am not a runner.


herogurl01 t1_j6dml8r wrote

Look into Canine Adventures adventure walks!


adognamedgoat t1_j6dyn8y wrote

She already gets regular walks with them during the week, but the adventure walks are too rich for my blood. I walk her before work. She gets a midday 30 minute walk. I walk her after work. This dog is spoiled.


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_j6d9xge wrote

I've seen dogs run on treadmills, not sure how hard it is to get them to be ok with it.


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_j6d0g91 wrote

We got Lees Fried Chicken last night, for the first time. It was ok. I was shocked though to learn that there are lots of Lee’s around the country. I’d thought it was local to Richmond. I am dumb.

My favorite part was the biscuits.


PayneTrainSG t1_j6daatz wrote

Yeah it’s a midwest chain; my understanding is that some guy from richmond had it out there and liked it enough to bring it back here. It’s not life changing, but it’s probably the best fried chicken you can get in a fast casual environment. Potato wedges and sauces carry it over the line.


momthom427 t1_j6e2ocn wrote

Also- love all those ladies working the drive thru. They always make my day with a hey sugar or something equivalent.


popeboyQ t1_j6ctl9d wrote

Short shift at work today (done by 3) and then it's SNL from last night and football!


Stitchmond OP t1_j6cug80 wrote

Jesus christ, football is still going on? Can't they just start baseball already?


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j6cur46 wrote

Baseball never ends. At least football teams don't play the same opponents for weeks and their games are shorter. I just wish we all watched rubgy. It's so high energy and no stopping for ads.


juwanna-blomie t1_j6czc5y wrote

Watch soccer. No ads, there’s matches from all over the world at any point from August-May.


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j6dqvz9 wrote

I've tried so hard to get into soccer and just can't do it. I understand why others love it but just doesn't click for me.


juwanna-blomie t1_j6dwfn8 wrote

I get it. IMO soccer is one of the more tactically nuanced sports. I’d say of the “American” sports basketball and hockey are closest. So much ground to cover and the average player gets less than 2 minutes (more like less than a minute) of time on the ball for the entirety of 90min of open play so the little things that make a great player are harder to see or appreciate to the untrained eye. Like a great turn in your own defense to free up space and advance out I can appreciate more than just a run and tap-in goal.


Thegreatgato t1_j6e39hv wrote

A key to enjoying soccer is investing in the stuff that doesn't result in a score. Like you said, playing out of the back, but as far as team defense, forcing the opponent to take the worst option by just cutting off all their passes and covering the areas their best players want to go. It helps to have a team you want to win of course.


popeboyQ t1_j6cv0nc wrote

Oh, they'd figure out a way to pump some prescription pill ads into rugby.


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j6cvjvg wrote

Yeah I realized after I hit send that that was a silly thought lol. US advertisements would take over.


Accomplished-Pen-394 t1_j6d220h wrote

I watched more than one rugby sevens match before ads have come on. Quite an exciting sport


Ashbin t1_j6em3mk wrote

> Baseball never ends

Sometimes it seems that way when you actually watch it. I think they need a "pitch clock" sort of like the "shot clock" on basketball. May help things too...less spitting and scratching in odd places.


BobbyFuckingB t1_j6d9x4v wrote

Only about a month until pitchers and catchers report! (I too am ready for the superior sport to return)


b_a_b_a_r t1_j6cusyf wrote



ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j6cvp1y wrote

As a Seahawks fan I am now a temporary Eagles fan. Always BirdTeam.


Thirtytw031 t1_j6dkw6r wrote

Absolutely nobody should be an Eagles fan unless forced upon them by birth


Sunf1re96 t1_j6czwmq wrote

Can anyone point me to really good eggs benedict in the Fan? I've got a craving


JamesBhand-007 t1_j6d5ru7 wrote

I like Helen’s Virginia Benedict (I think that’s what it’s called?) It’s the one with the pork belly!


AndThenThereWasQueso t1_j6d2ohu wrote

I honestly still haven’t figured out exactly what “the fan” encompasses but I do like the eggs Benedict at Sine and the fact that you never have to wait for a table.


stickynohte t1_j6dkkd4 wrote

Generally, people are split on the “stopping point” of the fan. For me, it’s the quadrant from Boulevard to Harrison. Then I consider Harrison to Belvidere “VCU territory.”


Stitchmond OP t1_j6dscws wrote

To me the Fan includes VCU: Broad, Belvidere, Boulevard, and the downtown expressway are the borders.


AndThenThereWasQueso t1_j6dsuol wrote

I need a map of what is what because I still have a hard time figuring it all out.


stickynohte t1_j6eawoj wrote

I had to make a map for a roommate once so she knew which streets were parallel aka alternative options for her work commute.

This pic might help! (Although I would encompass Cary St. east of boulevard as part of the Fan as well. To the west of boulevard, Cary St. is Carytown.) I think Stitchmond’s ruling of using the expressway as a southern cutoff point is very valid. I only use VCU as an eastern cutoff as the parking regulations change drastically in that area and you can get a feel for when you’re technically “on campus.”


Sunf1re96 t1_j6dseor wrote

Good to know, but that's Downtown/Shockoe Bottom

ETA: if I felt up for driving I would go to Liberty Public House. That place slaps


AndThenThereWasQueso t1_j6dsq4u wrote

Did you end up finding one? I love a good Benedict


Sunf1re96 t1_j6dto7e wrote

Sounds like Helen's is a good spot. I like Liberty Public House. This morning I settled for a grease bomb omelet from Village Cafe with a pint sized mimosa


AndThenThereWasQueso t1_j6e2zdw wrote

Oh word the one time I went to Liberty the Benedict had no seasoning and was flavorless. I heard they are under new ownership since then though.


Sunf1re96 t1_j6e5q0y wrote

I had a Benedict from there last week that was pretty tasty. I'm gonna check out some of these Fan locations soon tho


rattylight t1_j6f8k4n wrote

Ok only because you mentioned LPH, if you're up for driving another time, the Northside Benedict at The Mill in Bellevue is one of my faves in the city. It's exactly like an eggs Benedict that they used to have at LPH before their ownership changed. On a biscuit with cheese, it's so good haha. Add their honey habanero hot sauce too!


AuspiciousToad t1_j6cyodj wrote

Todays wish list: Laundry, wash van, long dog walk, and 1-2 hours of work to get some stuff out of the way so Monday isn’t so harsh, then groceries and a nice home cooked dinner. Tall order. Wish me luck.


clogging_molly t1_j6e530w wrote

I always tell myself I’ll work for an hour or two on sundays but then I never do lol


AuspiciousToad t1_j6e793c wrote

I did it! It’s done! I made coffee and got a bunch done before doing anything else. Feels great, I can be guilt free and lazy all evening lol.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6crfgx wrote

The only thing I want to do today is my scheduled long run. I've been waiting for it all week. I just hope the weather cooperates this afternoon.


Captain-Popcorn t1_j6czusx wrote

Was planning my long hike today, but did yesterday due to weather forecast. Best weather day in a long time. Wish I’d worn shorts like others I saw!

Hope you get your run in today!


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6d2ue5 wrote


I'm glad you got out yesterday. I wanted to, but responsibilities got in my way.


Stitchmond OP t1_j6cs8na wrote

High of 50, chance of rain mid-afternoon. Would rain stop your run?


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6csfbo wrote

No, I'll still run. I'll just be less happy if I'm soaked the whole time, and I'll have to deal with more blisters tomorrow.


Mirrid t1_j6dd39p wrote

My partner and I impulsively went to tour some new construction houses that we thought were cute and now we're talking to a lender, so it's been a very exciting weekend for us.


Reasonable_Body7661 t1_j6dy85t wrote

Where?! We are also looking, but having to leave Richmond proper for schools.


Mirrid t1_j6fk2su wrote

We're looking at The Village at Miller's Lane. They're townhouses, which is exactly what the two of us have wanted for years. It's in Henrico, just outside of the city, near 64, so it's almost exactly perfect. We got so lucky to find it.


Full-Benefit t1_j6cuzah wrote

Let's go CAPS!


LemonCaperRVA t1_j6cx1ni wrote



susupseudonym t1_j6czum0 wrote



PhoenixAshies t1_j6d2cnk wrote



TheCheeseDevil t1_j6czise wrote

Hoping the rain holds off, because my entire plans for today revolve around drinking beer and burning things.


Stitchmond OP t1_j6d104c wrote

I'm not a doctor but I don't think it's smart to drink burning things so good luck with that.


wagonboss t1_j6d5d8x wrote

I literally woke up thinking about SmashedRVA this morning. We made our way down to Manchester to grab lunch before they left Hatch.

I swear every trip to Manchester I find something new or being built. Well, everything but that grocery store


stickynohte t1_j6dp974 wrote

Woke up late but slowly getting moving so I can go to the gym. Spent all day yesterday with my mom which was long overdue. Sometimes I worry that she’s lonely (divorced in 07 and never remarried or dated much) so I try to call or run errands with her as much as possible. Plus, we’re a horrible influence on each other once we step into a Target, and sometimes you just need a little mother-daughter retail therapy.

Skipped Girls Who Walk today as my occipital neuralgia has been absolutely destroying me all week and really waters me down socially.

ALSO- I think I almost got pyramid schemed at the Staples Mill target yesterday (I’ve had this happen 3 times at the Libbie one, and once at the WL Old Navy). I didn’t waste any time cutting off the convo and then warned my mom not to engage if anyone is barreling questions at her following a simple compliment. I really hate this concept.


cantaloupe-490 t1_j6cwyto wrote

I'm gonna knock out a little painting project and then see if I can find something fun to do before the work-dread kicks in. Gym maybe?


-B001- t1_j6cytdw wrote

Planning to head down to the river or 1 of the parks to walk around before the rain comes in.


Supaspex t1_j6cuomd wrote

Clean, prep for the week, watch the NFL Conference Championships


Arcangelathanos t1_j6d0h0z wrote

Waking up early these days bc the pup doesn't understand it's the weekend. Planning on watching The Last of Us and going to the grocery store to buy coconut cream and Cool Whip. I'm going to make a coconut creme poke cake for my book club on Tuesday.

Also debating if I should try yet another recipe for a multilayered flatbread that I learned to make on vacation. I encountered the White Lily flour problem i.e. you gotta have the regional flour in order to get the same effect.


only-hooman t1_j6d6i9b wrote

tending to my sick dog, getting some sunday chores in, visiting a friend to get a couple anxiety meds for the return to the dentist on tuesday wish me luck 🫠 then prob ending the day with the last of us


skulloctopus2023 t1_j6d788o wrote

Not hungover so that is a plus.


FEdart t1_j6dkp1d wrote

Sometimes at night I wish I wasn't taking a break from drinking.

I always wake up the next morning thankful I didn't drink, though.


iamsavsavage t1_j6d8gtn wrote

Trying out proper pie for the first time today. Any recommendations? I want to get one of everything!


slowpaw_charlie t1_j6e74ei wrote

You can't go wrong at proper pie. I usually get a steak & cheese hand pie.


wil_dogg t1_j6dqtzx wrote

Recovering from my first ever COVID. Thank to you Dr Fauci I was triple boosted, thank you Pfizer the Paxlovid has kept me at my desk after 1 day off with a fever. Thank you Patient First, you got me in and out with the Paxlovid prescription in less than an hour.


kegel_monster t1_j6d6ulu wrote

Getting the day started with some coffee and light chores. Looking forward to spending the day exploring Petersburg!


BetterThanTaco t1_j6d74qj wrote

I’ve had Covid all week but I finally tested negative yesterday. I’m taking as much rest in as I can today to be ready for work tomorrow.


upearlyRVA t1_j6ddbiz wrote

Going to check out the Wrexham match and then some football.


xplant87 t1_j6dnlrn wrote

Not a great start for Wrexham. Hope they can turn it around.


upearlyRVA t1_j6eibek wrote

What a match! Almost pulled it off. Start was rough, but Wrexham hung in there and had it won until the last couple minutes. On to the replay.


xplant87 t1_j6ejn9e wrote

I'm a Virginia native living in Portland,Oregon and thinking about moving to Richmond next year. How is Richmond for a soccer fan? Decent places to watch Premier League and MLS?


BritOnTheRocks t1_j6fpajy wrote

Prem, not bad - there’s a handful of places that serious fans tend to hang out. I don’t think we’re a big MLS town in spite of DC United being up the road, though someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

We also have the Richmond Kickers who are fun to watch. No chainsawing lumberjack though.


xplant87 t1_j6fqh0t wrote

Thanks for all that! I'll definitely miss Timber Joey when I move.


BritOnTheRocks t1_j6fs027 wrote

Sure. I remember when it was Timber Jim. Though that may have been when the Timbers were in the same league as the Kickers.

Who’s your Prem team? Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal seem to be well represented here.


xplant87 t1_j6ft4mo wrote

I think Timber Jim passed the torch in 2008. I'm actually a Southampton fan. I've never met another one in the I'm the only Saints fan I know out here.


rainbowenthusiast t1_j6duexc wrote

Took the dogs for a walk and now it’s left over pizza and Star Trek while my husband runs to the store because he heard the new Lego sets are being put on shelves a week early in some stores. Happy Sunday!


juwanna-blomie t1_j6csl0r wrote

2nd day of soccer in a row. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. At 30 with a fucked ankle, it’s a bit concerning lol.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6csvui wrote

Not sure how fucked your ankle is, but make sure you give it the care it deserves so you can still be playing at 35, 40, ...


juwanna-blomie t1_j6ctng7 wrote

I severely sprained it maybe a year and a half ago, this same ankle has been broken before, and I’ve sprained/rolled both ankles before so many times between skateboarding and soccer. But this one was really bad and I can feel the difference. I’d like to still try and do some rehab on it, it’s okay today but the second it gets wonky now I leave.

And the goal os to definitely still be able to play when I’m 40, hopefully even later.


malepropismyname t1_j6cvvlo wrote

Plus, at 40 you'll be a superstar in the 40 and older league if you can stay healthy


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j6ey02e wrote

Circling back, I actually had to quit my run early today because my angle started bothering me. I guess I should have heeded the ominous discussion of ankles this morning.


Asterion7 t1_j6d2k75 wrote

I art to mtb post haste.


disputing_stomach t1_j6d5yv8 wrote

I went to the gym first thing this morning, then made blueberry pancakes for the family. I'll probably take a walk with the dogs in a little bit, then I have some work to do, then football.


hellogirlsandgays t1_j6d9ak9 wrote

tired. trying to rewrite a sherlock holmes story for a class and am just too mad about having to do it to get past 2 sentances.


ChuckBS t1_j6d9hgi wrote

We slept in, I made fancy breakfast sandwiches with some leftover angels from the farmers market yesterday. Going to hopefully hang some stuff and get some work done


ScottRVA t1_j6djaei wrote

I had a couple of good days feeling okay but still Covid positive. Slept very late today and have elevated temperature. How long does this crap last ? I want normalcy.


BrendanQ t1_j6e09yo wrote

Great! Cancelled hulu, bought a year of hbo max. selection is so much better.

Anyone play Shredders?


momthom427 t1_j6e3f5w wrote

I somehow lost my son’s wii when I moved to Richmond. Some nice soul on free cycle offered a replacement so I went to pick that up. Now on the hunt for games. Also doing some meal prep and laundry.


eziam t1_j6e5y4a wrote

We took some teenagers on a zipline through Richmond Metro Zoo. I highly recommend it. One of the better ones I have done (the best one nearby by a long shot). It is half off admission in winter (only $30) and takes a good 2 hours.


stickynohte t1_j6eb7zl wrote

This is on my bucket list (zip lining, not necessarily the zoo part)! Great to know!


kmblake3 t1_j6el4mp wrote

It finally got me - on day three of the ‘Vid. Got a slight headache Thursday afternoon but it wasn’t anything crazy so I didn’t think anything of it. I woke up Friday morning with the worst chills, grabbed the thermometer and saw a nice 101.9 on it. About an hour later it got up to 102.7 so I got myself to the doc in a box. Got the combo swab for flu/Covid and within 10 minutes the dr was back with my results. I’m only 26, but I, fortunately (I guess??), was able to get one of the antiviral meds because I have asthma. Riding it out, watching football, and napping today.


OopsImACrow t1_j6f2lv3 wrote

have a stuffy nose making me miserable, just got over a stomach bug the other day and i had about 15 hours of comfort before the stuffy nose started…not excited to work tomorrow if it doesn’t resolve itself.


plummbob t1_j6fk6lw wrote

Went to Maryland briefly and decided randomly to stop at Total Wine....


and damn does it make the ABC store look like its run by the government. Honestly, i haven't really shopped for etoh outside of VA and NC, and what I felt was what I imagine what it was like for Nikolai Krushchev when he visited a grocery store.


Like holy shit the selection.... I even found baijiu, which the ABC doesn't even list on their website, and was able to pick up some serious cognacs and scotch's that ABC never has. of which Total Wine had like 5 of each available. And there was this lady letting me taste test like 4 different bourbons. Nevermind the aesthetic was just like shopping at a normal place, not the soulless mental institution vibe the ABC is going for.


Driving back home, in the rain, to our controlled state was depressing. But my alcohol shelf is looking might more prestigious right now.


BritOnTheRocks t1_j6fq8pr wrote

Heh, I had the opposite reaction to Maryland when I couldn’t pick up beer at a Food Lion in Ocean City.

The Short Pump ABC is quite nice, but I’ll have to check out a Total Wine next time I’m up there.


wsmewborn t1_j6d1yhf wrote

Rain as early as 1:00 PM


megachickabutt t1_j6dc6v6 wrote

I need more steam friends! My IRL friends are either too busy these days or don't game regularly 😒


100835 t1_j6dgq00 wrote

I am hell bent on getting all my chores, laundry, errands done before 3 - not because of football - I'm just sick of the Sunday night scramble at our house.


21_saladz t1_j6g2r0m wrote

Running my 4th session of dnd! Having a blast so far never played or dm before so it’s been a wild ride. Anyways having something to look forward to and plan every week has been so beneficial for my mental health! Having a amazing experience