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stickynohte t1_j6dp974 wrote

Woke up late but slowly getting moving so I can go to the gym. Spent all day yesterday with my mom which was long overdue. Sometimes I worry that she’s lonely (divorced in 07 and never remarried or dated much) so I try to call or run errands with her as much as possible. Plus, we’re a horrible influence on each other once we step into a Target, and sometimes you just need a little mother-daughter retail therapy.

Skipped Girls Who Walk today as my occipital neuralgia has been absolutely destroying me all week and really waters me down socially.

ALSO- I think I almost got pyramid schemed at the Staples Mill target yesterday (I’ve had this happen 3 times at the Libbie one, and once at the WL Old Navy). I didn’t waste any time cutting off the convo and then warned my mom not to engage if anyone is barreling questions at her following a simple compliment. I really hate this concept.