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Is this… my first time posting the daily?

My mind is already on lunch. What do you have packed or what are you gonna pick up today?

High of 50° today with a low of 39°, gonna be a cloudy one! Winds light and variable.



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McFlare92 t1_j3vwp2t wrote

I've just got a sandwich and yogurt packed. In other news, Democrat Aaron Rouse won his state senate election in VA Beach last night meaning the dems now have a 22-18 majority in the state senate, and abortion rights are safe from our MAGA governors attempts to restrict them


BloodyRightNostril t1_j3w5fps wrote

What a relief this is. The Senate firewall was looking mighty thin going into the next general election, esp with all the spending that will be done by the GOP to flip vulnerable seats like Hashmi in SD-10. This makes me feel a little better for a little while.


McFlare92 t1_j3w6x7r wrote

Isn't hashmi running in SD-15 post redistricting?


BloodyRightNostril t1_j3w7ch3 wrote

Ah, yeah, that sounds right. SD-10 is her current district, but it's been shifted with the new map.


McFlare92 t1_j3w7gi1 wrote

SD-15 on the new map should be pretty favorable to her. I was actually redistricted OUT of Amanda Chase territory and into Hashmi territory. Talk about an upgrade


raindeerpie t1_j3wkjmm wrote

they were always safe.


McFlare92 t1_j3wkumh wrote

Their safety was more tenuous when we were relying on Joe Morrissey not to vote in favor of restrictions. Now it doesn't matter what he does. The fear was that McClellan would have to leave her seat before the session ended, then Morrissey could vote for restrictions resulting in a tied vote which would be broken by Lt Gov Sears. Aaron Rouse is staunchly pro choice, so that scenario can no longer happen


Stitchmond t1_j3vu9ru wrote

Job interview this afternoon, hope it goes well.


GrayRVA t1_j3w0uxx wrote

Good luck and can’t wait for the update!


Stitchmond t1_j3xoaht wrote

Interview was good but not great. They're looking for fundraising support to include content writing for asks and acks, and I had to admit that my experience in that was second hand and more along the lines of editing & design support rather than actual writing. I think I'm a good writer but whether I'd be an effective writer in terms of solicitation, I dunno. I did explain that I have good knowledge about what's required for an effective ask, like the fundamentals of staying on mission, testing and applying different strategies, having a specific ask but allowing for additional communication if needed, things like that.

I did not bring up my specific reason for leaving my last job and chose not to highlight my need to work for an organization where honesty and integrity are important, based on advice I'd received here. For an org as small as this one, I thought if I had brought it up, it'd immediately put them on the defensive, pitting them against me, when I need them to see that we should be on the same team and they should want me.

Edit: also I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my mom, who's called me after every interview to ask how it went and to share her worry and anxiety. To me, things like worry, anxiety, frustration, regret have no use, so I don't let them affect me. She says I'm a smart, friendly guy who deserves the job, so that I don't have any offers yet is bothering her. She also worries about my finances which are, admittedly, running low but I'm still ok.


CarlCasper t1_j3vu0ig wrote

We've been on a chicken-salad-making kick for a long, long time. We never seem to get tired of it for lunch. So it's a chicken salad sandwich and a side of cantaloupe.


Arcangelathanos t1_j3w0vfd wrote

What's your recipe? I found aa recipe that uses a ton of dill weed and relish that I love.


CarlCasper t1_j3w1zii wrote

I fool around with it sometimes, but honestly - it's really basic.

I make the chicken using sous vide with boneless chicken breasts (I do 2 hours at 150, but everyone has an opinion here - this is the texture I like best for chicken salad). The chicken is sprinkled with salt and pepper and lemon zest before going in, and there are a couple of garlic cloves thrown in as well. I make these in several ziplocs, about a pound or a little more per bag. After they are done and cooled down in an ice bath, all but the one I am using go into the freezer. This is a great starter, I just need to pull one out the night before and I have the chicken for the salad the next day whenever I need a fresh batch.

The chicken salad itself is really simple. Coarsely chop the chicken. In a bowl add Duke's mayo, chopped celery, a little celery salt and ground white pepper and mix well to combine (I eyeball all these ingredients). Then fold in the chicken until it's well mixed, and that's it.

I do love adding chopped pickle or relish sometimes. Dill is great but I want a reliable source from the garden this year, it pains me to buy those blister packs of herbs. I do it sometimes - but it hurts.


Gothmom85 t1_j3w9t30 wrote

I've found a great source when I have to buy fresh herbs is new grand mart. They have bundles of dill by the handfuls, among others. I gotta ask, no onion in the chicken salad? Just the celery? I've got to have multiple crunches in mine. Tho I often theme my chicken salad also. Curry, lemon pepper, garden herb, sweet and nutty. If I try to make it too plain, I just end up wishing it was ukrops.


CarlCasper t1_j3wemc5 wrote

Oh - you are absolutely, 100% on point there and thanks for reminding me. That place is amazing. There is a new Lotte Plaza Market coming sometime in the future (taking the place Stein Mart was on Broad closer to Glenside) that I am hoping will also have a lot of cool foodstuffs. I hear great things but have never been in one.

Edit: I like a little onion but my wife prefers without, so that's the reason with ours. It's still really good without. The garlic with the chicken while cooking adds some flavor.


JWelchRVA804 t1_j3w30vv wrote

Such an easy, tasty meal. I do poached or leftover chicken, salt/pepper/lil paprika/lil turmeric/curry powder, raisins, mayo and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes add some nuts if I’m feeling fancy. Always delicious.


CarlCasper t1_j3w5blk wrote

Adding golden raisins makes me think of Christopher's Runaway Gourmay. Their chicken salad is fantastic.


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_j3vtrif wrote

Lunch will be a leftover sweet potato - but by god, dinner will be chicken chili!

Sort of topical; last night I watched The Menu. That was a crazy movie. Not the best, but certainly entertaining.


RileyDL t1_j3wms28 wrote

We watched it last weekend. When it ended we looked at each other and said "Well, that was weird."


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_j3wovkb wrote

That’s the main way to describe it!

I wonder if any fine dining chefs can weigh in as to whether or not they’ve ever felt like Chef in the movie.


stickynohte OP t1_j3w46p2 wrote

Still giddy over being OP for the first time.

As for my own lunch, tbd. Eating oatmeal right now and I’m taking a late lunch for a hair appointment (I’ve had grays since I was 18… ugh), then back to the office! I’m an awfully picky eater with anxiety-induced stomach issues so I have a hard time meal prepping just to not be able to stomach anything the next day.


Poke-a-dotted t1_j3wc3yq wrote

I’ve had greys since I was 11. I embrace them and they are in style now. I am now more grey than not in my mid 40s.


fusion260 t1_j3vtuqb wrote

My sister is feeling sick so I’m going to pick up some sopa de pollo from Lalo’s and drop it off at her place. I’ll get one for me, of course 😋

In just under 2 months time when they reopen for the season, I’ll start craving Christopher’s Runaway Gourmay’s chicken tarragon salad with sesame noodles and marinated cucumbers before I even leave the house for work.


idlecrush t1_j3w3hl1 wrote

Our office is moving to Innsbrook and that is the one thing I will miss the most - being close to Christopher's. I love their tuna salad.


CarlCasper t1_j3w6kbt wrote

Christopher's is fantastic. I feel your pain, I used to go there at least once a week.


popeboyQ t1_j3w1nvb wrote

Today is a day off! Gonna do some rearranging of my action figure collection and take myself out to see M3GAN.

My expectations for the flick are so low they're subterranean, should be fun with some edibles and (I hope) an empty theater.


BookDingo t1_j3w2ovr wrote

I thoroughly enjoyed M3GAN and would love a post-edibles review of it after you see it!


soulless_wonder72 t1_j3w60pq wrote

Lunch is left over lasagna soup that my wife made last night. She found a new recipe on the gram and we tried it out. 10/10 would recommend. Super easy and delicious. I'm sure it'll be even better today, much like chili is better the next day.


haloranges t1_j3wa85t wrote

ooh! been meaning to make one of those -- would you mind sharing the recipe?


soulless_wonder72 t1_j3waj2i wrote

Gladly, here is the Instagram link for it, and I'll paste down below the instructions and ingredients. My wife did a few things differently, like seasoning the meat for starters, and added a few more spices. Can't remember exactly what though.

1/2 lb ground beef

1/2 lb ground spicy Italian sausage

1/2 Lg white onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves

2 14oz cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes

1 jar of tomato sauce (I used Raos 24oz)

4 cups veggie broth

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 tbsp Calabrian chilis (I used the Trader Joes one)

1/4c heavy cream

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried parsley

3c pasta (I used Mafaldine) Add salt and pepper to your liking

3/4c ricotta

1/2c shredded mozzarella

1/4c grated parm

Basil for garnish

In a large soup pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add your meat and saute until fully cooked through, remove from pan. Add your 1 chopped white onion and sauté for 5-6 minutes, add in your garlic and saute for another 2 mins. Add diced tomatoes, jarred tomato sauce, veggie broth, tomato paste, Calabrian chilis, cream, oregano, and parsley, stir well to combine. Add your meat back in. Bring soup to a light boil and add in your pasta, cover and cook through until pasta is al dente (about 15 mins). While your pasta is cooking in the soup, mix the ricotta, mozz and Parm into a bowl and set aside. Test your pasta for doneness (should be Al dente). Serve in a bowl with a scoop of your cheese mixture and garnish with basil. ENJOY!


TheCheeseDevil t1_j3vv4zs wrote

Leftovers from dinner, which is my go to recently after grocery shopping prices. This is just me whining into the void but I went to store yesterday to get basics for two or three meals, like broccoli, rice, a small bit of protein, eggs, etc... walked out $60 later with no idea what happened.


JWelchRVA804 t1_j3w3gqf wrote

Have been having some decent luck with the bargain meat bin at Publix and Kroger. Mostly dark meat chicken that’ll be good to braise or throw into a curry. Usually near the expiry, but I’ve generally found that those dates are meaningless for meat that’s typically frozen solid forever. I saw $9.99 bag of Clementines the other day and almost fainted… they’re $5 less at Aldi!!!!!


Arcangelathanos t1_j3w1d3h wrote

Now that eggs are almost prohibitively expensive, I want to eat eggs. I'll probably hard boil two and eat it with my vegetable lentil stew.

I would like to add that New Cat is such a good cat. Even in the midst of her depression bc of the puppy, she is still using the litterbox. I know I am incredibly lucky.


cr4zy-cat-lady t1_j3wgvsr wrote

Every time I go to the grocery store and see a dozen eggs for 5+ dollars I get so annoyed. Desperately wishing for the days of 50 cent aldi eggs.


bird_bitch t1_j3vv5dd wrote

A can of soup and saltine crackers. I am slowly getting out of the nausea and ick-ness of early pregnancy, but I ain’t there yet.


kailalawithani t1_j3w6bau wrote

Been there. It’s rough! Hope things ease up for you and you’re in the second trimester soon! If you haven’t tried it already, B6 is amazing for nausea. It saved me during my pregnancy.


bird_bitch t1_j3w6uks wrote

My doc already got me on extra B6 and unisom. I am feeling much better than I was, but not quite out of the woods. I’m 11 weeks now so I’m hoping I’ll be fairly back to normal in the next two weeks!


Herculicia t1_j3w1yfh wrote

Leftovers for lunch! Roasted garlic instant mashed potatoes (don't hate, they're delicious!) with sardines in spicy tomato sauce with a side of quick pickled cucumbers. Lunch is always either leftovers, or tinned fish of some sort (sardines, mackerel, mussels, etc) with crackers, cream cheese, and various pickled and fresh veggies. One of the perks of working from home is eating as much fish as I want for lunch.


Vapid_Ingenue t1_j3vvmaf wrote

Turkey meatballs with a cranberry-chile glaze. Wife made them Monday and the leftovers are even better!


donniedarkhair t1_j3vxbqo wrote

I've been on a greek salad kick lately so maybe one of those but I'm not sure if I'll get enough time on lunch with how crazy everything has been at work.

Eating some leftover rice and scrambled eggs right now for breakfast and this may have to just suffice until dinner.


PhoenixAshies t1_j3w1vev wrote

Made some asian-style noodles with a ton of veggies (cabbage, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts) in the instant pot on Monday. I'm weird and prefer lo mein (and egg rolls) cold, so this has been great for an all-week lunch prep 🤌🏻


bacon0927 t1_j3w48bj wrote

Dinner leftovers for lunch: pork roast, mashed potatoes, and green beans

My employers dog was super happy to see me this morning, bouncing at the door when I walked in. So I think it'll be a good day even though it's really gray.


xTiredSoulx t1_j3w09qw wrote

Only able to eat one meal a day right now. So dinner, not sure what that will be.


GrayRVA t1_j3w0ldw wrote

I love the fervor of the weather message.


marina903 t1_j3w1xmc wrote

Yummy leftovers planned for my work from home day- Korean chicken nuggets from Hangry Joe's, homemade spring pea soup and kale salad with tahini dressing.


what-the-what24 t1_j3w2e4x wrote

I’ve been WFH and never think about lunch until it’s actually lunchtime when I’m faced with eating leftovers or choosing one of the yogurts that no one else seems to like.


jodyhighrola t1_j3w9wo4 wrote

I have a habit of doing the same and then leaving the house for two hours on a "lunch" mission that turns into errands.


Wa_wa_ouija t1_j3wfc5k wrote

Yay Stickynohte!

I always skip lunch. It's kind of annoying to plan for it with my job. But after work I'm getting a giant spicy chicken salad from Chopt in willow Lawn and I'm so hype for it lol.

I am off for most of this weekend and am so exited to plan some fun events with my friends.


disputing_stomach t1_j3w2m53 wrote

Nothing exciting for lunch today, leftovers from last night's dinner.

Tomorrow probably similar. But Friday, just before he goes back to college, my son and I are going to Eazzyburger for lunch.


BloodyRightNostril t1_j3w67aq wrote

My blood pressure is back on the rise so I think i'm going to switch back to OMAD (one meal a day) intermittent fasting. I did it last spring/summer and lost 30 pounds in three months. But more importantly, my blood pressure dropped from almost 190/95 to 120/75 in that time. I'm in my early 40's and in decent shape, but I can't keep going on like this.

That being said, I think my one meal today will be a chicken breast, salmon filet, big side of spinach, a fried egg or two, and a hefty protein shake. That oughta carry me for a good 23 hours.


tequilaanddeadlifts t1_j3w6zsm wrote

Meat and cheese roll ups, probably. Or a steak and salad.

Want to shout out HCA Retreat hospital. Went in last night because I couldn’t breathe, coughing and wheezing and shortness of breath. They were super quick, I was in and out in 4 hours. I thought I might be slightly overreacting but they were pretty up front that my breathing was concerning. I was super impressed with the staff and care.


zensucht0 t1_j3w93eh wrote

Lunch is a Soylent "complete energy nootropics shake" . While I have no idea if the nootropics will do anything, I know the caffeine will. And I'm going to need it. I get to spend an hour in a meeting explaining to people how 429 errors work. Not sure why an hour long meeting is required, I've already explained it half a dozen in times via email. And it's really bloody simple. Sigh. But the money is good!


Asterion7 t1_j3wa7fm wrote

Made tuna salad yesterday so tuna melt for lunch.


what-the-what24 t1_j3z77q1 wrote

Oh boy! I love a tuna melt. Years and years ago (like 25+) when I worked downtown there was a lunch spot that had the best tuna melt and really really good chicken salad. Can’t remember the name but it had dark wood paneling and cute penguins and polar bears lining a shelf that ran along the ceiling. Definitely not confusing it with the North Pole steak restaurant of yesteryear in Goochland, but did have a similar kitschy vibe to their bar area with the little figurines. Anyway, I hope your tuna melt was awesome!!!


Herownself t1_j3wo4n0 wrote

My covid cough came back, fortunately without the covid. So I ordered pho for lunch. Never had pho to go, so we'll see how that works. But I feel like crap and need some warm nutritious soup.


Herownself t1_j3wzy8o wrote

Turns out delivery Pho worked great, and I feel so much more human now!


jantah t1_j3wwhyz wrote

We had a lot of pho delivered during the pandemic. It was good, but we live close to the restaurant.

I hope you feel better! I am now on day 8 of being sick but I'm not "literally dying" anymore so that's good

I made a fried egg sandwich and I can't taste it much so maybe this is covid


ifweweresharks t1_j3vv8wr wrote

Going to northern Virginia for work. Apparently they are feeding us Panera.


[deleted] t1_j3vyvv3 wrote



BlueXTC t1_j3w1bh2 wrote

I had that and it was too much potassium in my system. It came with mild heart palpitations. I was concerned it was an arrhythmia as that runs in the family.


Accomplished-Pen-394 t1_j3w9bwe wrote

I went off to a job interview only for it to be cancelled when I was halfway there. The place is really back and forth on it, hoping that they don’t keep trying to get me in there, it’s getting old. (For reference, Friday was a can you start Monday, later Friday, change of plans start on either Tuesday or Wednesday, Monday, oh they want to interview you instead, and then today.)


ChuckBS t1_j3w9fit wrote

I’ve got left overs from Patio Thai, the crispy duck is always tasty the next day.

The new job… is making me feel like an adult. It’s very strange, but good.


J-Colio t1_j3wbzkd wrote

Leftover spiced beef, rice, broccoli, with some spicy mango sauce.

I messed up the sauce slightly. It was supposed to have cream added at the end, but I forgot. It still came out deliciously as more of a syrupy consistency though.


BlueXTC t1_j3wdnov wrote

Making leftover chicken & sweet potatoes for lunch. Cheese tortellini with shrimp and fresh green beans for dinner. Sauce yet to be determined.


graphic-design-her t1_j3wmlc7 wrote

I have an Alfredo recipe if you want it. Made it last week. Couldn't be easier or more delicious. Made it with shrimps and spinach and also put it over cheese tortellini. Was to die for.


BlueXTC t1_j3wod3d wrote

Thank you. I did a cream sauce last night for poached cod and potatoes last night. So probably leaning towards a red sauce tonight. Mum saved the leftover sauce last night for poached eggs this morning. I'll take that as a sign she enjoyed dinner last night.


graphic-design-her t1_j3wxthl wrote

That sounds.... so good. I've never made cod before. What's the flavor like? Mild? I might need that recipe!


BlueXTC t1_j3x43zs wrote

It has a stronger flavor than most white fish. Fresher is better. Prep fish in smaller pieces, season with salt and pepper. Allow to sit about 15 mins to get to room temp before cooking. Sauté diced onions in butter with salt until translucent. Place season cod in the pan on the onions at med low temp. Allow to cook for about 4 mins then flip and repeat. Do not cook all the way through. Add 1/2 and 1/2 to just cover the fish and cook gently for about 5-8 mins. Add more butter just at the end. Serve with fluffy boiled potatoes. I use Adobo green jar of mixed spices on the fish as well but that is a personal choice.


100835 t1_j3we0wz wrote

Leftover cheeseburger sliders. I had to hide a few in the veggie drawer last night so my teen wouldn't find them.


AidCookKnow t1_j3wfns5 wrote

Made my favorite soup this weekend - having for lunches this week. It's super easy and shouldn't be as good as it is with such few ingredients. Or maybe it's the nostalgia I'm tasting...


RileyDL t1_j3wn6ya wrote

Lunch is a shepherds pie tater tot casserole thing my husband made for dinner last night. It was delicious. Let's see how it reheats. I usually grab a soda from the vending machine to go with lunch but it turns out the machine is down today. Guess I'll be stuck with the healthier route and have water.


icepick314 t1_j3x98k3 wrote

Sorry Patrick B.

Looks like I got your lunch from Chipotle.

I don't know who got mine but hope they like chicken and guajillo steak bowl.


stickynohte OP t1_j3xbn8z wrote

What was Patrick’s order?


icepick314 t1_j3xe8j9 wrote

Also half chicken and I think regular steak.

But he was going to be disappointed anyway since there was only 3 pieces of steak

He put in sour cream which I don't particularly like but at least it had spicy red chili sauce and fajita veggies.


icanhandlethis t1_j3w3ie1 wrote

Made a hodgepodge pizza last night (threw all my leftover veggies onto it). So I’ll be eating that and watching the last episode of Better Call Saul for lunch.


Grizlatron t1_j3w6l8r wrote

I am not functioning at a high level this month, I remembered I had some baby potatoes rotting in the pantry so I picked out the good ones and roasted them up last night and I have a fistful of those for my lunch. Well, more than a fistful. I was worried plain roasted potatoes weren't going to be lunch enough, so I also have a packet of ranch seasoning powder. This is better than I've been doing.


Poke-a-dotted t1_j3wdga5 wrote

Well, I have a microwave meal. I hate leaving for work so early, some days the best I can do is a frozen meal. Also, I know it is popular, but I really don’t like chicken or tuna salad. We have been eating leftovers for dinner the last couple of nights, so I might have to cook tonight.


bettygreatwhite t1_j3w3m6y wrote

Early dentist appointment and I slept terrrrrribly last night. Looking forward to coffee with a friend after the dentist though. A shiny spot in an otherwise crappy morning.


atctia t1_j3w4vsr wrote

Free lunch today at the office. No idea what it is, but hopefully something good (and vegetarian friendly)


Yewbaby t1_j3w4wm7 wrote

I got a pack of hard boiled eggs and a protein bar to get me through lunch. Just enough so that I don’t get hangry at work.


SwitchToDecaf t1_j3w8s16 wrote

I too am on #teamleftovers. Finishing up the last of the white chicken chili with some Salsa Verde Tostitos. Will definitely use this thread for dinner inspiration later.


jodyhighrola t1_j3w9qbn wrote

I've been crushing those Stouffer's Bowlfuls way too much lately. I wish I lived closer to Union Market so I can crush good sandos and watch people poorly navigate roundabouts.


upearlyRVA t1_j3wamvt wrote

Dog has upset stomach so been making her chicken/rice/sweet potato soup. She is now forever even more spoiled I believe. Gonna be tough getting her back on dog food. It's going to be a battle of wills I'm afraid


Poke-a-dotted t1_j3wd4h0 wrote

We usually give that straight for a day or two, and then slowly add in kibble to switch back. One of my adult kids uses a meal topper for her dog, and I use it sometimes as well. Just to mix up the flavors (and spoil the pup).


Large_Cantaloupe8382 t1_j3x9f58 wrote

Sick with covid for the second time ! Relaxing and taking it easy.


loulouhex t1_j3yvct0 wrote

Lunch was romaine lettuce, a microwave breakfast sammich, and an apple with peanut butter. Not classy, but functional. Breakfast however was delicious and functional too. Fancy oatmeal with butter, brown sugar and sunflower seeds. Added chia seeds for the first time. Smart move.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j3yveac wrote

Using an instinctive action called Heliotropism. Also known as ‘Solar Tracking’, the sunflower head moves in synchronicity with the sun’s movement across the sky each day. From East to West, returning each evening to start the process again the next day. Find out more about how this works, and what happens at the end of this phase.