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DeviantAnthro t1_j4j8lot wrote

Do you drop the marshmallow in or just chow down?


worldwidewarpwhistle t1_j4jklbr wrote

Fill it to the brim, pour it out, then add in any bourbon. Seriously, any one of them.


hitthegunwales OP t1_j4ko789 wrote

Haha. This is fantastic. Any recommendations for locally/Virginia made bourbons?


spillsomepaint t1_j4ktgb6 wrote

Reservoir is worth the stop in Scotts addition. Catoctin Creek is worth the day trip to Purcellville.


DonnyC123 t1_j6e7hlf wrote

Catoctin Creek only makes rye whiskey. Source: Worked there and close friends with owners son.


Cerebral-Knievel-1 t1_j4mdf31 wrote

Abraham Bowman single barrel out of Fredericksburg. Belle isle is unaged corn whiskey and shouldn't be compared to any bourbon, however.


Commercial_Main_5796 t1_j4lyzsg wrote

Kopper Kettle at Belmont Distillery is great and affordable


JamesBhand-007 t1_j4m9lbl wrote

I bought a bottle of that stuff pre pandemic and have been nursing it ever since. It gives me a terrible headache after just one drink :(


Commercial_Main_5796 t1_j4r1hxq wrote

Really? The straight bourbon, not the apple one right? Strange. I've only ever had good experiences.


fannypax t1_j4ln3ma wrote

Yeah, i know it’s so annoying when people like different things than me


worldwidewarpwhistle t1_j4lwh6t wrote

OP thought it was funny, so whatever


JamesBhand-007 t1_j4ma0o9 wrote

Boy am I dumb… I thought you were suggesting to wash the glass with the moonshine bc it’ll complement the bourbon🤦🏽‍♀️


hitthegunwales OP t1_j4j5ezg wrote

Also great with tonic and a few drops of a Chartreuse concentrate/elixir over ice.


ikimashokie t1_j4l5akf wrote

I take it you like this one? We've got cold brew and honey habanero from earlier days, but my shelves are packed.

(I really wish more places did 375ml bottles - I want to try all the things, but for as much as I think I drink, I don't)

Five Mile Mountain out in Floyd has a Lemon Ginseng moonshine that's really good.