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Here I am with the REALLY important questions. My kid is obsessed with construction vehicles. Loves to watch them work. Anybody got any spots near them where there's big vehicles working? I know a few spots, but trying to do an epic tour tomorrow.



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anotherpandamom t1_j5zkk6j wrote

James River Equipment Co in Ashland! Not a construction site but so many huge vehicles. I’ve also heard good things about the truck and tractor museum in colonial heights.


lunar_unit t1_j5zo1mx wrote

>truck and tractor museum in colonial heights.

Seconded. Well worth a visit if you like machinery, old cars, trucks, tractors and motorcycles. The brightly painted equipment makes kids lose their minds. Unfortunately there's only one tractor kids can sit on.


YellowOrange t1_j5zpyf5 wrote

> Unfortunately there's only one tractor kids can sit on.

Yeah depending on age and personality of the kids it may not be a great place to go - I took my son when he was (almost) 3 and he reaaally wanted to touch and get on everything and was not happy that he couldn't. Also be warned that it's enter AND exit through the gift shop so the first thing seen is all of the toys and stuff.

Their collection of vehicles is great though, I do plan to go back someday. Also a big second to James River Equipment.


GOODronin t1_j62opuz wrote

Yes James River Equipment is the answer. Took my kid there so many times during the height of Covid when everything was closed. You can just walk in and browse the vehicles on their massive lot and potentially even sit in the cabs of some of them. Never had an issue but also never went there when it was busy, and always made sure to stay very clear of any of the moving vehicles


wagonboss t1_j604p2h wrote

Also, I’m a firefighter. Never be shy to stop in any firehouse and ask. Especially one with a ladder truck


Sage_Advice420 t1_j63ipht wrote

We stopped by a firehouse in late 2020 and they said to come back when the pandemic was over because they weren't doing tours or anything. Any advice?


wagonboss t1_j6413ws wrote

Yeah, we had a pretty strict policy for masks/exposures through 2021. Now that things are relaxed, it’s normal now.


Sage_Advice420 t1_j642fag wrote

Dope! Oh man my kids gonna be so excited to hear that!!


wagonboss t1_j64ivc3 wrote

Not sure which area you’re in, but if you have issues north of the river, DM me


lunar_unit t1_j5znn00 wrote

Mega crane putting up prefab concrete panels at 18th & E. Grace in Shockoe


liza_spinelli t1_j5zi0hl wrote

I don't have any suggestions, but this is adorable! They're going to be so excited.


CapeCharlesVA t1_j5zzbgi wrote

Call Luck Stone quarry in Goochland and see if they have an observation area.


RVAperson9 t1_j60ics5 wrote

They do, its at the office building right there.


5977 t1_j63h5od wrote

I was going to suggest this- these are the BIG machines.


zpoprocky t1_j5zokzn wrote

Try up at the old VCC site. Plenty of parking lot to sit in and active construction and demolition


LouieKablooie t1_j5zugay wrote

New lego construction site down near rivers bend.


RVAWTFBBQ t1_j60tbr5 wrote

Do they need big equipment when the blocks are so tiny, though?


LharDrol t1_j5zu1zq wrote

I believe the new CoStar building is under construction, but I haven't been down there to see it myself. At this point they're probably still doing earthworks/foundations.


GingerEazyE t1_j6069qy wrote

It is, no heavy equipment though


CharChar757 t1_j60f869 wrote

There very much is, and they've been pretty active.


hooforce t1_j613fws wrote

Thanks for posting the picture! This is a lot more activity than I was expecting. Now...if I can only find a webcam of the construction there. Can anyone help?


Beccaroni7 t1_j5zkreg wrote

There are townhomes being built at the corner of Woodman Rd and Hungary. They have the framing up so I’m not sure how active the big vehicles are currently, but there’s still a ton of machinery out there.

There’s a Dunkin’ and a Little Ceasars that you might be able to park at and get a view.


G-Flo189 t1_j5znupe wrote

Big crane working across from Willow lawn.


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_j5zzfm3 wrote

You could probably do a driving loop around Manchester and see several apartment towers in progress.


howl_at_the_moon t1_j5zua14 wrote

Awww we love to watch the construction at Westchester commons. We like to count the dump trucks and then try to guess where they are going and how many they must have running all together since they have a constant cycle of them coming and going


Inevitable-Elk-3072 t1_j6080td wrote

From the old Azalea Mall parking lot you could probably get a good view of all of the construction at Westminster Canterbury. There are some big cranes in the air over there.


LostDefectivePearl t1_j637o2l wrote

I don’t give a shit about construction vehicles but this all sounds so fun and wholesome now I have fomo



Corner of Broad and Gayton they are working the land for an upcoming big development.


Lsufaninva t1_j5zxjny wrote

Arthur Ashe Boulevard at Robin Hood Rd.


sboyzmomz t1_j62fkxf wrote

I can confirm Dabney east of staples mill, one lane too so they may have plenty of time to stop and watch.

Edited to include: one of my kids loved construction equipment when he was little. One of his favorite books was about a construction site with all the machines and what they did. The page with the dump truck had a line, “dump that rubble”, and we would all yell it whenever we saw a dump truck. He’s almost 20 now, we still say it when we’re together and see one. I still say it when I see one when we’re not together.


tiglathpilesar t1_j63tjr8 wrote

Can't believe no one has mentioned Chimborazo park. They're redoing the water runoff from the hill. All kinds of construction equipment, working all the time and you can get up close and personal if you wish. My dog does not wish to.


QuickJello5539 t1_j5zyy3h wrote

A few weeks ago I did a quick Google search to see if there was an app of some kind (to tell u where the construction sites are specifically for kids)...there son also likes to watch...there is a construction site at willow lawn...but fence is rather high so he might not be able to see...


ohsweetpeaches t1_j5zzilb wrote

They are building a new school right next to John M Gandy in Ashland, lots of diggers! It’s also next to a fire station and sometimes you can go ask them for a tour and check out the fire trucks 🚒


AidCookKnow OP t1_j60rhyn wrote

Y'all are the best, thanks!!!


ramblingclam t1_j61ttdq wrote

The back of the Virginia Center Commons mall in Glen Allen has a huge sports complex going in. Lots of crane work coming up and you might see some demolition on the mall side too. Pretty sure most of that mall is coming down in the next several months.


jigglypoff2706 t1_j61xf1e wrote

Meadowville landing. Chester Lego factory being built. Many CAT trucks. Enjoy


layne2216 t1_j63c5p9 wrote

They’re building two big apartment buildings right next to Westhampton Green Park off of Libbie and Grove. Just drove past & they have a bunch of trucks out today. Also bonus there’s a playground right next to it


hmtjr t1_j64pd9g wrote

You might visit the Carter Cat dealership - tons of gear on display and they've been pretty friendly to me in the past. James River Equipment also has some stuff out, but I haven't wandered there. And good tip by another user on the quarry - those are BIG trucks.


anonfromnowher t1_j6537q6 wrote

Scott's Addition. They are building several complexes and occasionally have a crane out.


And you can drink a beer while you watch.


RVAblues t1_j5zqure wrote

There’s always something being built or torn down at the Capitol…though maybe not right now during the session.


Hedgecore138 t1_j5zued7 wrote

A lot of digging about to go down at S 5th Street & Tredegar.


Oioifrollix t1_j603q77 wrote

Uhaul on U.S. 1 North in Bensley has construction going on.


caraand t1_j603r0q wrote

Libbie mill area?


wantcoffee t1_j605t4m wrote

Pouring the deck on the 7th street bridge today


RVAdeveloper t1_j60bqki wrote

Site across Lakeridge Parkway from Bass Pro has a bunch of equipment moving dirt.


hooforce t1_j613sho wrote

Wonder what they are building there? I saw they had built a hotel behind Bass Pro too.


RVAdeveloper t1_j643zn1 wrote

Hotel is a Woodspring Suites. Building a big warehouse by the gun range.


okay_rock t1_j60efha wrote

They're building a new building at the J Sarg on Parham back where the recreation area is. There's a parking lot you could park in and watch.


CptJaxxParrow t1_j60or7f wrote

what used to be henrico plaza on Mechanicsville turnpike is a massive construction site right now.


Alextits3 t1_j60x3sq wrote

You should take him also to watch a wrecking ball knock down a building it’s SO AWESOME


hooforce t1_j6144yn wrote

I think they are about to demo the Southern States Silos in Manchester. Might be a great opportunity there coming up soon. Heard there was a construction fence up already!


connor8383 t1_j60zmno wrote

Well they’re currently building a new apartment building at Libbie mill. Maybe you could take your kid to the library before / after? There’s always some sort of construction going on around here lol


stickynohte t1_j611ctg wrote

Belleville in Scotts Addition! Apartments being built and they have a crane


dshuby t1_j618fwb wrote

Downtown on the river…Costar is about to start on their new tower.


mrstillbirth t1_j61d1kn wrote

If you go to quarry hill rd in Rockville, you can park your car on the side with the big fence and peak over to see the quarry pit with all the 80 ton haul trucks going up and down. Way bigger than anything you will see downtown.


needward t1_j6115x8 wrote

Libbie at Cary is about to be a shit show until august. Might be nice for one person to enjoy the area


AidCookKnow OP t1_j614gsn wrote

Literally just saw that article. What a disaster that's gonna be.