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Swrdmn OP t1_j66ykwb wrote

Nah dude… gersi is garbage. The charge premium for fucking Joe’s Inn pasta.


gamerthrowaway_ t1_j674zcb wrote

This is hyperbole and we all know it. I don't think Gersi is hot shit myself, but to compare it in the same league as Joe's is you being salty it wasn't magical.


fanrva t1_j67chk1 wrote

Not at all the same league, but I’d gladly pay joes $14 for four meals of carbs and cheese or just make my own sauce at home over spending ~$40/plate for gersi


Swrdmn OP t1_j67ncko wrote

No it’s not. Ordered the black linguine and they didn’t even get the shape of pasta right. The veal parm was garbage. It was legit just bland tomatoes on top of store bought pasta.


UniversityAny755 t1_j68o71m wrote

Which Joe's are we comparing to? Fan Joe's or Bon Air Joe's? Fan Joe's ain't bad, Bon Air Joe's is crap.


augie_wartooth t1_j68q8pf wrote

No one is ever talking about the Bon Air Joe’s unless they’re specifically saying so. We like to pretend it doesn’t exist.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6900pj wrote

this is true. Btw my ZZQ was ok. Which was sad, because it wasn't great. And I think if I ordered wrong it would have been mediocre


augie_wartooth t1_j691k7q wrote

See, this is my issue with that place! I’m glad so many people like it and have good experiences, nice to see a business succeed, etc. I just always want to tell people the other perspective on that place because there are better options.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j696vpn wrote

I hear you. And I'm worried now it's a trend, not a one off. I think the problem is that Chris Fultz is really good, but has an architecture firm to run.

This last bit was no better than I make myself, and maybe not as good. I do ok brisket, but I'd rather buy really good brisket.

Is there anyone else in Richmond though? I've had no better