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blackmamba1221 t1_j6896tq wrote

no one goes to subway because it has the best subs. You go because it's cheap and convenient. They have that many stores because they are cheap to run and make money. The poster is correct in the sense that usually a non franchise won't open a second location unless they are making money at the first location, so yes they must be doing something right


Swrdmn OP t1_j689wzk wrote

My point is that profitability is not directly coordinated to quality. You can be the worst sub sandwich restaurant and still be the one with the most locations… Subway


djeeetyet t1_j68da0i wrote

financial success for a restaurant means they are doing the right things to make money and only part of it is making great food. the end product is ok but not phenomenal. i grew up in North Jersey and literally 95% of the Sopranos was filmed within a 30 mile radius of my hometown and a lot of it like 15 minutes away. i thus ate a ton of Italian food growing up given the demographics, all from local joints, and it was all better than Gersi.