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taphead739 t1_j6r30la wrote

Now hold up with the sensationalism. They found an exoplanet with 1.0-1.2 Jupiter masses using microlensing, which is cool. But that‘s all the info they have on the planet. Calling this a near-identical twin of Jupiter is like saying “I weigh 80kg and I found out someone in another part of the world weighs 88kg - that must be my near-identical twin!“


PlaceboJesus t1_j6rsw11 wrote

Even some identical twins are more identical than others.
People are incredibly sloppy with language and tend to resist or reject any push towards precision.

While I agree that there's some hyperbole in that title, we probably don't agree as to what qualifies as sensational.


brianfarina76 t1_j6sqw4g wrote

super earth just means rocky


linkdude212 t1_j6su204 wrote

Then they should use "terrestrial". Using "Earth" creates expectations in people's minds that are far beyond anything meant by "super-Earth" and leads to broad misunderstanding of the science. Look no further than the word "theory" for how damaging this can be.


grim_infp t1_j6qkh07 wrote

I don't think I've ever understood so few words while reading a paper.


Yodan t1_j6qu6ml wrote

"I know those words, but not in that order"


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Lost-Branch804 t1_j6qqhmz wrote

Well, when you put it that way it makes perfect sense.


ahazred8vt t1_j6t70k9 wrote

4.4 au from its sun, about a 13 year orbit, it's 17000 light years away, and it doesn't quite transit the star as seen from Earth.