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drowninginthesouth t1_j6qvju9 wrote

Developers should not be allowed to remove all trees from a site.


EqualityWithoutCiv t1_j6r6p8b wrote

It's a good thing in my area they keep trees and are otherwise considerate but I do want more and more green space conserved and even expanded upon.


Dan__Torrance t1_j6ratty wrote

There is a neat thing in Germany. If a tree got old enough, you are no longer allowed to cut it down unless it's weakened in some way and thus poses a threat to the people living there. Cutting a healthy tree down after a certain age can result in hefty fines up to 50.000€.


whisky_in_your_water t1_j6rnq5c wrote

In my corner of the US, you can have the city arborist classify a tree as a "heritage tree," which protects it from removal. It needs to meet certain requirements, like being old, iconic, and/or rare, but it's an option if you really feel passionate about it.

It's not nearly the same as the German policy, but it's probably fairly common throughout the US.


Dan__Torrance t1_j6ro5io wrote

Close enough! I think we don't need an arborist for that here, but besides that it feels like the same concept. I'm happy there is something similar at the other side of the pond.


Upper_Lengthiness_42 t1_j6u6l54 wrote

yeah i doubt that, they're removing large areas of trees on a regular basis here. usually these kind of ridiculous laws only apply to private persons, not corporations