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schwoooo t1_j6r6duq wrote

We have a lot of trees where I live (large European city). But due to drought conditions that started in 2018 and have not let up since, more and more trees die every summer. Unfortunately it’s not just about planting trees— it’s about planting the right, more drought resistant trees that our hotter future necessitates.


cittatva t1_j6rdatk wrote

And keeping them alive. I’ve killed every tree I’ve ever planted. All were supposedly suitable for my region.


FaceDeer t1_j6t2bjc wrote

A common issue that I see discussed on /r/marijuanaenthusiasts/ is planting trees too deeply. Once a tree has sprouted it permanently establishes the division point between "root" and "trunk" and produces a different sort of bark on each. If a tree gets replanted deeper than it sprouted it ends up with soil against trunk-bark, which is more prone to rotting.


Fearlessleader85 t1_j6tt9d5 wrote

One ironic addition to this is another common issue is people often don't dig a big enough hole. They dig a small hole and put the tree as deep in it as they can. In truth, you want a big hole that can allow the roots to spread out the same way they naturally grow, but still have the boundary of the root/tree at the surface of the ground.

My parents, who have planted enough trees on their 40 acres, that it has affected their microclimate significantly, say if you buy a $10 sapling, dig a $100 hole. It needs to be both deep and wide. And if you have hardpan, you need to break through it.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j6t4rjo wrote

Did you let them get established before letting them handle extreme weather? It's wise to protect and sorta baby younger/less mature plants/trees and give them a bit more attention. Generally the older a tree is, the more it can stand certain things like freezing temps and such.


cittatva t1_j6txz52 wrote

That’s the problem. Summer drought and heat got some of them, freeze got the rest; despite my best efforts to water deep every other day in the summer (we’ll drained caliche soil) and protect from freeze. I’m expecting to lose some very nice big oaks in this ice-pocalypse. The biggest has lost about half its branches already. It’s heart breaking.


Ok_Antelope_1953 t1_j6rea4i wrote

trees are DONE with our bs. they waiting for humans to die off before growing again.


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