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bn1979 t1_j6s6uts wrote

They make such a huge difference. I’m in Minneapolis and aside from the most urban areas, we have nice large trees everywhere except for the new developments.

I hate seeing new developments where they just completely destroy the landscape and then plant stupid little trees that only grow to 10-15’ high.


electrogourd t1_j6u28a3 wrote

Glad someone beat me to a Twin Cities comment! Grew up in rural Wisconsin, didn't see myself in a city.

But i am not minding St Paul. I ride my motorcycle past 3 lakes and half under tree cover on my 10 minute commute. Every section of developed space is broken up by trees and/or lakes. Its quite lovely, despite the population density.


bn1979 t1_j6ueg20 wrote

It really is. I’m in a first ring suburb and you can barely see my house on google earth because of the tree cover.

I spent 2 years in Seoul after living in rural northern WI and the UP. I missed the trees, clean water, and open spaces so much.


mybrainisgoneagain t1_j6t2s2p wrote

They have to have small trees so when they fall they don't smash the house.