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real_bk3k t1_j6sulk1 wrote


Hour-Watch8988 t1_j6t57kx wrote

Cities should be denser


real_bk3k t1_j6t9922 wrote

Sure. That doesn't solve the issue that so many people live outside cities. Even if you pretend they don't exist, their carbon emissions (including their cars) won't disappear.


Hour-Watch8988 t1_j6tbikj wrote

It solves the problem that people in cities have too-high emissions because our infrastructure has made them reliant on cars.

“Your proposal won’t fix anything, so we shouldn’t do it” is the argument on the side that doesn’t have arguments that are actually good.


real_bk3k t1_j6uc57k wrote

You are not actually arguing against what I said though. But if that's what you want to do, go ahead and reply to my comment however you please. You aren't even alone in that.


RagnarokDel t1_j6ue3h0 wrote

it wasnt a real proposition because it will never happen.


real_bk3k t1_j6v04zw wrote

It's a problem in that some people imagine this is a real solution. I'm afraid we need real solutions to real problems, and Climate Change is a very real, very serious problem.