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FaceDeer t1_j6t2bjc wrote

A common issue that I see discussed on /r/marijuanaenthusiasts/ is planting trees too deeply. Once a tree has sprouted it permanently establishes the division point between "root" and "trunk" and produces a different sort of bark on each. If a tree gets replanted deeper than it sprouted it ends up with soil against trunk-bark, which is more prone to rotting.


Fearlessleader85 t1_j6tt9d5 wrote

One ironic addition to this is another common issue is people often don't dig a big enough hole. They dig a small hole and put the tree as deep in it as they can. In truth, you want a big hole that can allow the roots to spread out the same way they naturally grow, but still have the boundary of the root/tree at the surface of the ground.

My parents, who have planted enough trees on their 40 acres, that it has affected their microclimate significantly, say if you buy a $10 sapling, dig a $100 hole. It needs to be both deep and wide. And if you have hardpan, you need to break through it.