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lionhart280 t1_j6u81lu wrote

Personally I think this is purely a "works on paper but not in practice" scenario.

The issue is that the intersection of "people who live in greener neighborhoods" and "people who cant afford air conditioning" is very very very slim.

What will happen is as you go and plant more trees, shortly after property values in that area will shoot up and make it less affordable.

So the only people who benefit in the long run are those who were already well off in the first place, resulting in the lower classes (the group most heavily affected by heat waves) not gaining any of this benefit at all.

The upper class will just further cement their upper class'ness, and you'll just have the nicer neighborhoods becoming even more nicer, and the medium neighborhoods becoming gentrified and elevating to nice neighborhoods.


alphaxion t1_j6uxw6b wrote

Air conditioning in homes is virtually unheard of in the UK, ensuring more places have tree cover will help with dealing with a future where 40C becomes the norm, rather than record breaking.

Not everywhere is like the US.