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Billbat1 t1_j6t2v7a wrote

one of the reasons women arent allowed to fight on the frontlines in a lot of armies is because men are affected more by women get hurt or killed. the stronger emotions is probably an evolutionary trait to protect women above men. its the same reason why women were prioritized over men when the titanic was sinking. theres a lot of scenarios were men have an advantage, when it comes to life and death it seems that womens safety is prioritized.


Robot_Basilisk t1_j6u7r7e wrote

The irony being much of Russia's modern problems likely stem from the generations of kids raised without a father because up to 80 or 90% of men in a generation died in WW2.

The 10-20% that lived were often unfit to serve in one way or another, or con men. And Russian women had to compete for them. Then they had to raise their sons with few men around to help or be good role models.

The American Baby Boom saw the Nuclear Family flourish.

The Russian Baby Boom was considerably more depressing.

Both fell prey to Cold War propaganda.


tanglekelp t1_j6u3v8s wrote

I’ve also heard that the ‘women and children first’ thing is because men are usually physically stronger and bigger so women and children wouldn’t have a chance to get to the lifeboats when everyone is scrambling to save themselves


Incredulouslaughter t1_j6vo0dv wrote

Yeah and without women and children first, some men would just push past smaller, more vulnerable people. Like women and children.