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ElvisDumbledore t1_j6xglov wrote

Thank god. I've been unable to navigate mazes my whole life. Perhaps in the future they will be able to transplant that part of a rat's brain into mine.

Fall Festival Corn Maize here I come!!!


capodecina2 t1_j6xm4s9 wrote

I had brain surgery back in 2018, and now I love cheese. There is something they arent telling me....


Mouthtuom t1_j6xjz3n wrote

Oh look George is awake

Who is George?

My pet Organoid. He’s a symbiont that lives in my pet rat Ralph. He can recite the Gettysburg address when I attach the cranial interface.


The_Humble_Frank t1_j6xouti wrote

Do you want hyper-intelligent frankensteined man-rats? Because this is how you get hyper-intelligent frankensteined man-rats?


AuntCatLady t1_j755siu wrote

Every year we get one step closer to the Pigoons from Oryx and Crake.


Cyclical_Zeitgeist t1_j6xh0t4 wrote

Now I can finally live out my fantasy as a super hero...

introducing: Rat Man! Master of Mazes, the Sultan of Sewers


Picolete t1_j6xrc12 wrote

Part man part hamster, his dream is to become a HamStar


Vinstofle t1_j6xskef wrote

Imagine pranking the hell out of a chimp and giving it the area of the brain related to speech.


wiegie t1_j6y7wfx wrote

Oooh! I loved Mrs Frisby and the Rats from NIMH! Is this a sequel?


BlueMonkOne t1_j6xuh4t wrote

"Unfortunately, one of the rats named Nicodemus managed to escape the facility."


thulesgold t1_j6xz9eh wrote

So the people doing this research have no ethical concerns? This is Dr. Moreau level "science."


dragosn1989 t1_j6xy84f wrote

Master Splinter here we go!!


savvysearch t1_j6ytf0f wrote

Whats the implications for this? Restoration of eyesight for blindness caused by visual cortex brain damage?


Kaje26 t1_j6zjmk5 wrote

I just imagine some weird short film someone would probably come up with while high where a rat evolves the ability to speak and talks with other rats about memories it has from a human.


48lawsofpowersupplys t1_j70dr79 wrote

Do you want man-rats!?!? Cause this is exactly how you get man-rats!


Gainzwizard t1_j72imbk wrote

Well clearly the answer is yes, and they're gonna make the man-rats whether you like it or not!

God Science wills it!


Mr_Moogles t1_j70hofl wrote

How bout we don't create a race of super rats with human brains, hmm?


[deleted] t1_j70i0ro wrote

Is this the origin story for Pinky and the Brain?


mrhorse77 t1_j6zeykj wrote

is this how Splinter gets made in the lab?


Snirion t1_j7172d8 wrote

Does that mean we can become organic borg and assimilate other species?


[deleted] t1_j76hnzn wrote

I read an article where a pig embryo had almost all of its organs replaced with human's when scientists trief to harvest human organs. Imagine a literal human in a pig body


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Landithy t1_j6z3925 wrote

Do you want Skaven? Because that's how you get Skaven.