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huh_phd t1_j6ys11y wrote

Cool now use it for inflammatory bowel disease


ZestyMuffin85496 t1_j70oit4 wrote

Are you saying that because you're interested in the microbiome of the gut or because you currently have gut issues?


ClickAwayAgain t1_j716d2p wrote

that was my initial thought when I read the title. what do you think the chances are? timeline would be years if they're 2 years from human trails on the cardio usage no?


gerundive t1_j6yaj7m wrote

I was curious how animals such as rats, dogs, monkeys etc might be given heart attacks, and found the following, which may be of interest to others who are similarly curious.

"Myocardial infarctions (MIs) in rats were originally induced by the sequential administration of subcutaneous isoproterenol causing diffuse myocardial necrosis. Subsequent investigators used an electrocautery technique applied to the epicardial surface to induce small, focal infarctions. Soon thereafter, Pfeffer et al developed the rat coronary ligation model that became perhaps the most widely used heart failure and MI model in the decades to follow."

Apparently transgenic animals can also be used, bred to carry mutated genes so that they develop hypertension, hypertrophy and subsequent heart failure.


Rakshear t1_j6ydpp3 wrote

People in the future will look at us as barbarians for what we do to animals, and maybe we are, but it’s true to that without these methods, we may never gain this knowledge.


triplehelix- t1_j6yoc9b wrote

people in the future will look at us as barbarians for our current methods of treatment.


Sculptasquad t1_j70n3zs wrote

People always look back at those who live before with disdain.


Reddit_Hitchhiker t1_j71mudm wrote

They’re gonna be pissed at the savages that destroyed their planet for aeons.


gerundive t1_j71v48u wrote

"You do not settle whether an argument is justified by merely showing that it is of some use. The distinction is not between useful and useless experiments but between barbarous and civilized behaviour. Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character."

  • George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

giuliomagnifico OP t1_j6y7g3f wrote


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Mindless_Button_9378 t1_j72gbss wrote

Hmmmmmm.... Enlarged prostate? It only happens to 90% of men eventually.