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ryschwith t1_j732xqh wrote

To answer the question a very specific subset of readers here are wondering: no, not ice 9.


[deleted] t1_j73dypm wrote

Cool! I made Ice 9. Whoopsie. My bad.


crokinoleworld t1_j73h2pv wrote

This was published 60 years ago. It was one the first Vonnegut books I read.


ApocalypticTomato t1_j7ap0il wrote

That book and Black Diamond Bay by Bob Dylan are inextricably fused in my brain


Double_Distribution8 t1_j7401a6 wrote

Well my brain read that as ice cream and then I was very disappointed.


matsu727 t1_j7755t5 wrote

Understandably. I’d also completely glaze over the subtext that aliens exist if they had their own ice cream that we’d recreated.


NorCalMikey t1_j74ucgp wrote

These MFers ever read Cat's Cradle?


ubermeisters t1_j74w19l wrote

so it's powdered ice.. are we really sure that's new


thirdtimenow t1_j75ppe6 wrote

So when is this going to be in cocktail drinks in London?


Saladcitypig t1_j771tcu wrote

I loved this article. So cool.


linkdude212 t1_j77vlib wrote

They created a water version of sand. Neat!


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LouieMumford t1_j76zt4r wrote

All the followers of Bokonon say yeah!


Beefcake716 t1_j77zva7 wrote

All right stop

Collaborate and listen

Ice is back with a brand new invention