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sailingtroy t1_j73kut1 wrote

Stuff like this is why it makes me so sad when I think about all the species we are losing right now. They hold the keys to so many technologies if we would just stop destroying and study them instead.


Fuck_You_Alls t1_j73u90c wrote

We just need dna samples and we can make more in the future. There already doing this with the mammoths and using elephant dna to fill in blanks. It would be even better to get the dna before they go extinct.

The mammoth thing is interesting because the theory is that by reintroducing mammoths to the permafrost areas will help keep the carbon in the ground. According to what I read by the mammoths eating vegetation will help the ground stay cooler some how.

I think if they where to bring back a extinct species and it resulted in new medicine or tech people would be much more concerned about extinct species. Im not super concerned about animals going extinct. I feel it creates opportunity's for new species to emerge and become dominant.


sailingtroy t1_j73w9lj wrote

The hubris of man knows no bounds.


Fuck_You_Alls t1_j73wfl7 wrote

Things live and then they die and replaced by more things.


sailingtroy t1_j73xhxn wrote

You're correct on the scale of millions of years, but when it comes to technologies that we can actually access within any kind of human horizon you are so, so, so wrong. We can turn our happy little spaceship into a sad, pathetic dust ball where almost every living creature is a sad, dirty human. Not because humans are intrinsically sad and dirty, but because without the other species the earth will be an extremely unpleasant place to live. But yeah, I understand that's too painful for you to think about, so go on and keep deluding yourself.


JohnsonBot5000 t1_j75p0zv wrote

Species go extinct because the habitat is no longer suitable, even if you bring them back, if their habitat isn’t the same, they will simply die again