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VoltaicSketchyTeapot t1_j7986p2 wrote

Because the former is consciousness and the latter is biology.

Yes, you can change your opinions, but that's not neuroplasticity at play. Neuroplasticity is the ability of individual neurons to form new pathways when necessary. Neuroplasticity is your brain reteaching itself to feel pain after a stroke cut off that original pathway.

We don't know enough about consciousness to know exactly which neurons play what role in consciousness (our ability to form opinions). Maybe neuroplasticity plays some role, but consciousness is way more complicated than a few electrical impulses figuring a new route to the same destination.


favouritemistake t1_j79h5jd wrote

Why do you guys think I meant consciousness or the mind when I said brain?

Edit: actual question. What am I missing here, or was I just misunderstood due to something about the word choice?