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Memetic1 t1_j79r2n4 wrote

Venus is right next door, and if you don't mind not living on the ground it's pretty habitable given our current technology. You can make graphene from co2, and then you could use that graphene to build more habitat. The sulfuric acid also isn't as much as a problem as people make it out to be. Sulfuric acid H2So4 which is just 2 waters bonded by a sulfur atom. If you have sufficient electricity sulfuric acid can be turned into water. It even has phosphorus which is essential for all life.

If you want to surf the skies Venus would be the target.


LyleSY t1_j7br8cl wrote

Yes, but robots first please. I’d like things to be very very stable and safe before I buy my ticket


Memetic1 t1_j7bx7xb wrote

They are sending a few missions to Venus. One of them even utilizes a balloon to stay in the upper atmosphere for an extended period. I would rather see crewed missions to Venus then Mars. Mars has dozens of ways to kill you while the environment in the clouds of Venus is comparatively simple. The only thing that would give me real pause is if we discovered life on Venus.