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PyrrhoTheSkeptic t1_j77vn5f wrote

That is pretty quiet, which is not surprising. It is also not surprising that it is not absolute silence, as one typically does not have that in one's life.

I would expect the particular frequencies of sound may affect this, as well as the type of sound (i.e., music that one likes versus music one dislikes, ocean sounds, etc.).


FailOsprey t1_j78k119 wrote

After passing over this post a few times today, I decided to put on music without lyrics at about 50 dB while I studied. It definitely helps; this is one of the few posts that has had a tangible impact on my routine.

As far as why it helps, maybe it has something to do with our predisposition to interpret and create language. In the absence of context, our brains might go out of their way to find meaning that isn't there. It pays to be creative and alert in the presence of ambiguous auditory information, especially when it resembles human activity.


inmeucu t1_j78tfrp wrote

So, don't be a teacher.


JimSand t1_j7buol2 wrote

Read the whole paper, could not figure out what ‘wearable sensors’ they used to measure sound levels? Maybe I missed it?


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Licking9VoltBattery t1_j7843k4 wrote

Don’t see how you can draw the conclusion of individuals sound level. I’m pretty sure we are not the same in that regard. I love working in the evening, everything is quite. A barista might find that spooky.


onairmastering t1_j793cx6 wrote

What's that weighed C? Cuz low end does matter.


SethikTollin7 t1_j787ss9 wrote

Insert AI playing bird sounds to maintain.