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captainsave t1_j7b8ed0 wrote

Why would I leave the house for vitamin D. I don't need a prescription and the Amazon man will drop it off without me having to talk to strangers.


meontheinternetxx t1_j7bh68w wrote

Well, at my latitude only half of the year. The other half, even if you see the sun it wont help that much.


Harkwit t1_j7b8w81 wrote

Because it's free outside from the sun.


halpstonks t1_j7bccbz wrote

some of us live places with not enough sun for our skin type and have to supplement anyway.

cmon sun


yugosaki t1_j7c5t1l wrote

plus even if there is technically enough sun, if its not warm out we're gonna be wearing long sleeves and pants, so the actual sun to skin exposure is limited a lot.


Mercury2Phoenix t1_j7cdqsm wrote

Or conversely, if you live somewhere super sunny & warm (like I use to live in Florida) you tend to be concerned about getting sunburns and skin cancer, so you still avoid sun (I was Vitamin D deficient (confirmed via blood work) when I lived there.)


New_Revenue_4_U t1_j7bzk51 wrote

Actually people who live in northern States/Canada should be taking vitamin D supplement


Larein t1_j7c3bq5 wrote

Plus all of Northern Europe. If not all of europe, since Northern US states require some too.