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W3remaid t1_j7bx4va wrote

That doesn’t really work because this is a case-control design, meaning that their health status is controlled for. If they were were sick to the point of being non-compliant with meds that would be reflected in their control match


lugialegend233 t1_j7bxo10 wrote

If suicidal thoughts are considered a health-status, then this whole study is pointless, because they're controlling for the thing which directly leads to suicide. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your point?


W3remaid t1_j7by2o8 wrote

Well obviously you’re not going to control for your dependent variable, that’s the entire point of the study, but they’ve controlled for other health problems. If someone were decompnsated to the point of being unable to pick up prescriptions that would be reflected in their other medical problems. This is partly why psychiatric conditions can lead to physical illness