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Snoo-11861 t1_j7cgi8k wrote

It is scientific. Low vitamins D levels cause depressive moods. That’s why people further away from the equator have higher risks of suicide and depression. I use to live in the tropics and have had a deficiency since I moved to the States. Been taking vitamin D lately to cope and it has made winters so much more bearable


HamzaGaming400 t1_j7cvqmx wrote

I just had a thought. Maybe that’s why winter is always labeled as moody and depressive. While summer is the outgoing and happier season


Snoo-11861 t1_j7cw3x5 wrote

Yep, that’s one of the reasons why. It’s also probably why the holidays happen in the winter bc of how gloomy it is. Need something to look forward to


tifumostdays t1_j7d52cs wrote

No, it's more complicated than just vitamin d. People get much more light in their eyes know infer, and move more.


altcastle t1_j7ekmvo wrote

Plus we’re stuck inside and the days are short.


MaserGT t1_j7dr17b wrote

There is no scientifically determined connection between proximity to the equator and suicide. Geographic variation in suicide rates is most likely the complex interaction of differences in social organisation, cultural traditions, and biological/genetic factors. The only established link with geographic location is that living at high altitudes increases risk of suicide.


MaserGT t1_j7e7gk3 wrote

Have you read the journal articles you’ve cited? They provide compilations of data and make some statistical inferences, i.e. correlation. They do not, nor do they purport to, establish a causal link between latitude and suicide rates.