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InsularAtlantica t1_j7cme0m wrote

Anecdote of one - but ever since I first heard that Vitamin D may help prevent and/or reduce COVID symptoms (the research is mixed) I have been taking Vit D and my mood has been better.

(I've also added morning walks, as well, because that's also been shown to help sleep - thus mood - and reduce COVID risk)


timtheringityding t1_j7f3ygr wrote

I just started with a variety of of vitamins. One of em being vitamin D. And I still wanna kms so this research is bogus


RhysieB27 t1_j7f8n8g wrote

"My depression isn't treatable with [medicine A] therefore [medicine A] doesn't work for anyone".

Great logic there.


frogOnABoletus t1_j7fp5jw wrote

No one is saying vitamin d is a magic potion that cures everyone's suicidality. They're saying it helps people's moods on average.