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In my husband's family no man has made it to 60 (in at least 3 gens as far as I know) because of heart issues. My father in law was still body building at 55 and had a heart attack. 70 isn't so bad


Notyit t1_j7cv2m9 wrote

Did they go on any medication from doctors


GrowsOnGraves t1_j7cvpg9 wrote

None of the ones I knew. My father in law was super healthy


BraneCumm t1_j7einia wrote

I don’t mean to argue ^(but I guess I’m kinda going to) but if he was a body builder was he really that healthy? Body building puts a lot of strain on your body


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Whaddya mean anabolic steroids in large doses for years is totally safe


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I’m 34. I lift. Have lifted since I joined the military. Stopped and started several times over for months to years. You just kinda do it, cause it’s what you’re use to. I Can definitely see myself lifting 20 years from now. I mean.. I’ve already done it for 17.


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Yep,all in their mid 70s.. I figure that's my lot too.


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I do eat very well, in part because I have IBS , I also swim up to 5 days a week for an hour. I just had a cholesterol check and that's good. I also recently had a ECG, resting heart rate is between 61-64bpm which is good for someone in their 40s. Blood pressure is very good, too.

I went through commando training in my 20s but had a hiatus for about 10 years of little to no exercise due to wrecking my hips and back in the Corp. Hence, I swim and not run.

I'll just have to see how my body holds out. Knowing my mid 70s might be my lot is comforting to a degree.


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Have you tried looking into your gut bacteria? They can worsen your heart health and it worries me due to your ibs. I wish you health and good luck!


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I take a supplement of beneficial gut bacteria. I considered this too, great minds alike and all dat jazz


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Look into bpc157 and tb500. You inject both. They have been life savers. You can get a combo vials at some places. Both are amazing at healing muscoskeletal issues, healing organs, reducing inflammation all over the body, neuroprotective, etc.


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Thanks for confirming I’m not crazy.


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My husband's side of the family has pretty bad cancer history. His grandfather died of Lung Cancer at 75, one uncle died of sudden stomach pain (after suffering most symptoms of stomach cancer ) and the other uncle died of liver cancer. Neither uncles made it to 60. Both had bad addictions towards alcohol and tobacco. Not sure if it's the gebes or their lifestyles. My husband doesn't regulate his eating habit, eats out at every chance, preffers sugar, refined flour etc over whole grains. We are both I our early 30s (I just turned 30 and he is 32) but I get sleepless nights thinking what if my husband gets it. I would need this gene for him!


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For me it’s cancer, like bruh if everyone has this medical problem stop having kids damn


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The women in my family live forever. It's just us fellas. Thankfully, I have 2 daughters