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lugdunum_burdigala t1_j7f5l0v wrote

From the abstract, they don't seem to differentiate between starchy foods and (refined) sugars. Intuitively and from my limited knowledge, I would assume that sugar is the real culprit of health decline, unless starchy foods are consumed in lieu of a diverse diet (including various protein sources, vegetables and nuts).

Starchy foods are still at the basis of many diets over the world, including in countries with high life expectancy (e.g. Japan and their high white rice consumption).


Fuzzycolombo t1_j7g2ikd wrote

They also eat a smaller quantity than Americans, with far more variety in their diet. Each meal is accompanied with multiple different vegetables.

Doesn’t make their white rice healthy, just allows them to get away with it.

High Starch consumption was a survival advantage that the human willingly took up 12,000 years ago to avoid the potential risk of failed hunts and inability to forage. Doesn’t mean it’s what’s healthiest for us, just what gave us the best chance at surviving. Surviving does not equal thriving


OfLittleToNoValue t1_j7fm3fy wrote

A big part of it is cumulative insulin response and the glycation of LDL and framing it for heart disease while it's actually repairing the damage from sugar ablating the endothelium.

Fructose has the same impact on the body as alcohol.

It's not simply refined sugars because even ancient Egyptians knew wheat and bread lead to diabetes and obesity.


smalldiscomfort t1_j7fntz9 wrote

Bread makes you fat???


lugdunum_burdigala t1_j7gdlqx wrote

Most calories came from bread in Europe until the middle of XXth century but diabetes and obesity skyrocketed with the modern diet. I would not exaggerate the role of wheat in the current obesity epidemic.


SuddenlyElga t1_j7fotlt wrote

I asked “so why are Asians so healthy” before reading this. I didn’t read the study but the headline doesn’t make sense to me.


Doortofreeside t1_j7he9n3 wrote

Surprising fact to some but Asians do have high levels of diabetes especially without being overweight


SuddenlyElga t1_j7hntww wrote

Is that because of the diet or because they drink like fish?


corpjuk t1_j7hjb86 wrote

The real culprit is meat, dairy, eggs, fish, refined foods.