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silent519 t1_j7f5pwm wrote

> human body has had very little time to adapt to a rich carbohydrate intake

people used to eat way more total% of carbs in the past, yet very few had cvd


Unhappy_Gas_4376 t1_j7fdkj3 wrote

I'm going to hazard a guess that excess consumption of carbs has more to do with it than the carbs themselves.


BafangFan t1_j7fl6ft wrote

Vegetable oils are the culprit I'm picking out.

They first started as industrial waste from the cotton-picking industry, until companies found ways to detoxify it enough for human consumption.


KamahlYrgybly t1_j7fnflb wrote

I'm gonna need a source for this.


notsurewhattosay-- t1_j7gaanz wrote

Global cotton inc. they are on the front lines of byproduct waste turned to cattle food and oil for people to cook with.


carlgorn t1_j7fn7xf wrote

You mean seed oils, olive and avocado oil are healthy.


jsudarskyvt t1_j7g0stl wrote

No. They have little nutritional value and loads of cholesterol.


dachsj t1_j7j8a93 wrote

How do you know if they had cvd?

It's not like humans were pinnacles of health up until the last 50 years.


Zoesan t1_j7fo8q2 wrote

Depends on "when" in the past. In terms of evolutionary time the longest period (IE before agriculture) two thirds or more of our calories came from animals.

TL;DR No, this is pretty wrong.