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Professional-Noise80 t1_j7gk3kk wrote

Increased consumption of anything that makes you obese will be associated with disease risk. I mean obese people tend to eat more of everything as well. So do fit people, who are actually healthier. What are we supposed to take away from this ? That we should stop eating carbs ? Sounds like a bad idea to me.


corpjuk t1_j7hmcke wrote

We should stop eating meat, dairy, eggs, fish. Eat whole food plant based if you want to be healthy.


ThMogget t1_j7inwin wrote

If you add Processed Sugars to the list, I am with you.


KarateKid72 t1_j7ic7ka wrote

I plan to start eating humans


corpjuk t1_j7icb3r wrote

That’s one of the most vegan things you can do.


KarateKid72 t1_j7idaih wrote

Ugh. Don’t call me that. I still wear leather.


corpjuk t1_j7ifh3i wrote

Do you enjoy animal abuse and torture?


KarateKid72 t1_j7igq3p wrote

Only the ones I’m going to eat. Are you volunteering?