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CrispyButtNug t1_j7i9mup wrote

Guys, it's u/meatritian. Just a keto pusher that cherrypicks studies.

Sad that he's allegedly a grad student. I have an MS in exercise physiology and people like this devalue my hard work.


thelobster64 t1_j7j0hh2 wrote

Its so annoying that he just posts terrible articles here basically every day. A few months ago I went into his profile. Here on r/science he just spams any and all scientific papers that support his extreme keto diet, but in his profile he posts and comments on all sorts of medical related subreddits and tells people they can cure their irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, depression, and pretty much all diseases by eating like 90% meat, and the more red meat the better. Its dangerous to have these propaganda posts on a supposedly scientific subreddit.


CrispyButtNug t1_j7j50y0 wrote

I work with a dietician who's been following labs on people for decades. Ive learned from her that eating carnivore longterm is terrible for your arteries. Just like doctors have been saying for quite awhile now. It's never been about dietary LDL -- it's about saturated fat and how that influences LDL and triglycerides.


hoursweeks t1_j7n6y0j wrote

What’s the best cooking oil to use with this in mind?


climb-high t1_j7jeuit wrote

People can be passionate about differing opinions ... even if wrong. It’s how science works. You’re not devalued, you’re just part of the process.


CrispyButtNug t1_j7jgjgx wrote

That's a kind outlook but experts have a responsibility to those they're influencing. The data is out there some just choose to ignore it.