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DeNoodle t1_j7hka5i wrote

I got my 87yo, republican Father to admit universal healthcare would be a good thing because I framed it as an investment in the health of the population, which would be more productive as a result, and make America's economy stronger.


James_Solomon t1_j7id6db wrote

This was also why you had a lot of federal programs to ensure the population was vaccinated, fed, and baseline educated - America found out in WW1 that many Americans couldn't need the fitness standards of the army at the time.


wiggywithit t1_j7ii7ur wrote

Brilliant! I’ve used that argument with my conservatives about immigration. Instead of thinking of it as “they leach off the system I pay for”. Or the classic “der tuk rrr jerrbbbs” I say how about, as a people, we invest in these people, and then we can all pay taxes.


uberneoconcert t1_j7iymbi wrote

That's also my argument but "responsibility as a value" (and concerns about how well it would be run) somehow supercede the value of life.


DeNoodle t1_j7lr5hw wrote

There are different philosophies; for some a life's value is determined by output, for some it's impact, for others life has innate value regardless of impact or output. It's not an exhaustive list, but if I can generally find where someone lands on the continuum between those three then you can frame almost any argument to the benefit of what motivates the listener.


your-uncle-2 t1_j7lhj3c wrote

In South Korea, universal healthcare was framed as fighting communism by being better than North Korea.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j7jl69t wrote

That’s how I always saw it. It’s not really about the human rights argument to me. It’s about efficiency. It’s more efficient to fund it all from one source instead of each individual agonizing over plan details, arguing with insurance over claims, dealing with doctors, etc. It’s also wildly more efficient to have a healthy, productive population. The current system only benefits the wealthiest and the insurance companies