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Withered_Kiss t1_j7g8gjl wrote

It's terrible. How could we solve this problem? I have no clue.


Mississimia t1_j7gzqnu wrote

Keeping billions and billions of land animals cooped up in incredibly dense aka "highly efficient" factory farms requires massive amounts of antimicrobial drugs, and even that isn't enough to keep pandemics from spreading in such terrible, unsanitary conditions. We've made a series of mistakes with animal agriculture, and things are really bleak.

The good news is that humans can greatly reduce or even eliminate their consumption of animal products while still meeting their nutritional needs. There is a better future out there.


DaemonLasher t1_j7imtab wrote

The bad news is that the gulf between what we can do and will do is bleak as you've described it.


FogletGilet t1_j7ghofi wrote

As consumers ? By not buying those products , elect people who care and let other people know about those issues without bothering them (as it could have the opposite effect).


node-757 t1_j7my37x wrote

Buy organic meats


silent519 t1_j7pfcsv wrote

and once you look up the enforcement of those labels and what it entails, you'll realize fast that's a bad idea.