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MerchantOfUndeath t1_j7ga881 wrote

It really does work. My body becomes nauseous and flooded with pain over the smallest stresses and nonsense. Breathwork, self-talk, mindfulness, meditation, etc. are just straight-up necessary coping mechanisms for me now. It really is as simple as forcing yourself to take deep slow breaths and picturing yourself somewhere else pleasant.


dr-freddy-112 t1_j7gkmqr wrote

This could partially explain why exercise helps so much with depression:

"Exercise involves meditation, even though many may not realize it. Some call exercise “moving meditation” because it creates the same types of emotional and chemical changes in our brains that come from meditation.",brains%20that%20come%20from%20meditation.


Known_Improvement_57 t1_j7gizjo wrote

Since meds don’t work and what probably would work they wont prescribe, breath work has been huge


OkRecognition0 t1_j7hk6y1 wrote

I believe it. Practicing yoga for a few years has markedly decreased general life anxiety.


Jizzapherina t1_j7h1xx9 wrote

I use a Lief monitor, with heart rate variability feedback. It monitors me and provides queues on when and how to breath. I was skeptical at first but I've seen a large improvement in managing m anxiety.


theb0tman t1_j7ja07g wrote

>Lief monitor

holy sh** $100/mo and you dont even own the device. It looks like a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and Bluetooth transmitter. Probably costs $100 to make, tops.

Edit: Oh I get it. They are going after the insurance market as a medical device.


Jizzapherina t1_j7jf9r6 wrote

Not necessarily, You can buy the leif device and not any of the extra items. My insurance does not pay for it.

Again, I have no interest in the company, it's just the one thing (other than medication) that has worked for me.


theb0tman t1_j8eb8jq wrote

If it really produces life-changing results that price is def worth it. It's just so hard to tell whats a scam these days (seemingly everything health/fitness)


SpectralMagic t1_j7irkmj wrote

So pretty much just controlling your heartrate, and focusing on your physical cues instead of crushing debt. Gotcha


largos7289 t1_j7j0itn wrote

If this is against the rules i apologize, I'm finding that more and more every single thing recently always throws in, will help with depression and anxiety. I'm feeling that scientists are just throwing these in for the hell of it. Was reading about "cold therapy" and how it will help with depression and anxiety. I mean reading a book could help with depression and anxiety.


gyanster t1_j7jfj8c wrote

So Yoga Pranayama is being relabeled as “Breath work”


Act-Math-Prof t1_j7k7ysn wrote

Well, it’s a loose translation of the term.

ETA: Also, the study used other breathing techniques besides pranayama as well. So breathwork is being used here as a more general term.


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chillzatl t1_j7ilimb wrote

Makes you wonder what other Indian, Chinese and other primitive "pseudo-medicines" might actually work...